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Marty Lich

No Amnesty, Mr. President
By Marty Lich
Nov 25, 2004 - 10:29:00 AM

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President Bush had some observations from his latest meeting with Mexico’s President Vicente Fox. He observed that this would “bestow temporary legal status” on Mexico’s illegal "guest-workers" currently residing in our country of America. These are the ‘guest-workers’ he speaks about, the “Immigrant Population at Record High in 2004; Half of Growth from Illegal Aliens,” as reported by Steven Camarota, the Director of Research for the Center for Immigration Studies, November 2004 report, Washington, DC.

President Bush further assured our Congress that this is not an amnesty. I take exception to that misleading statement President Bush. “Legal status”, means exactly that, “legal” and that is an amnesty Mr. President, sir. No ‘maybes’. No ‘buts’.

To address President Bush’s comments to him further; Mr. President, I wrote the following in January of 2004; “If it looks like amnesty and it sounds like amnesty then it is an amnesty.”


January 2004

What is so hard for our government to understand about the American voters’ wishes? No on amnesty, no on guest workers, and yes on deporting illegals. That is the correct wording, illegal aliens. Not 'Undocumented Workers’ or ‘Undocumented Citizens' ---they are illegal aliens.

And what is so hard for our government to comprehend about the word "Illegal", Adj. Unlawful, against the law?  "Alien", Adverb: relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country. Another simple word.

For whatever reason, President Bush and Tom Ridge have forgotten that we are a Nation of Laws; of the law, for the law and by the people.

Which is surprising as this great nation of law-abiding people are the very reason for their existence in office.

If it looks like amnesty, it sounds like amnesty then it is amnesty. And the legal voters in this country have said no mas... By Marty Lich

I have not gotten “dumber” here and neither have the rest of the legal American citizens Mr. President. Also, as is obvious, neither has your Congress with reference to the 9-11 bill which has effectively removed any and all reference and /or repercussions against illegal immigration. That has been duly noted and addressed by Congress and the American public, this willingness of yours to delete from the Homeland Security bill any actions to be taken or consequences enforced against illegal immigration as well as your blatant disregard of American law. This is evidenced by your offer of United States driver’s licenses to these illegal aliens that you call guest workers in America. I call that treason, Mr. President.

To remind you sir, we are a country built upon “For the People, By the People”. We are a country founded on the “Rule of the Law”, which governs America and which is undermined today by you, our American President, George W. Bush and Mexico’s President Vicente Fox. Let me refresh both of your memories American President Bush and Mexican President Fox, the words “We the People” represents the American citizens only. There is no mention of Mexican citizens in our American representative’s sworn oath of office.

My question to all of you, which includes the illegal aliens residing here, the news media, Mexico’s President Fox of the Country of  Mexico and our United States of America President George W. Bush is once again specific. What is so hard to comprehend about the word "Illegal"; (Adj.) Unlawful, against the law? Or the word “Alien"? (Adverb): Relating, belonging, or owing allegiance to another country?

Allow me to repeat this; if it looks like amnesty, and it sounds like amnesty, ...

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Marty Lich
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