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Marty Lich

It's Me Again, Mr. President
By Marty Lich
May 2, 2004 - 12:40:00 AM

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President Bush, you do remember me, the US taxpayer from -  but oops, you are responding to the wrong country's citizens!

Economic Incentives to Return Home: The U.S. will work with other countries to allow aliens working in the U.S. to receive credit in their nations' retirement systems and will support the creation of tax-preferred savings accounts they can collect when they return to their native countries.

When I said I faithfully read the GOP Capital Connection and there was no mention of the Whole Enchildada and El Presidente Fox-our-new-dear-friend, guess what! Surprise, here it is this week!

President George W. Bush's Immigration reform proposal is based on several basic principles: April 26, 2004

Mr. President, you have made some very profound statements here in your April briefing. And some very misguided ones. Let me begin with one below.

Benefits to America of the Temporary Worker Program; Fair and Meaningful Citizenship Process: Some temporary workers will want to remain in America and pursue citizenship. They should not receive an unfair advantage over those who have followed the law, and they will need to be placed in line for citizenship behind those who are already in line. Those who choose the path of citizenship will have an obligation to learn the facts and ideals that have shaped America's history.

This is called "Amnesty" with regards to temporary workers obtaining United States citizenship. This is not called a temporary "guest-worker" program. Please refer to the Webster's dictionary for clarification on the two words.

  • amĚnesĚty- Noun, the act of an authority (as a government) by which pardon is granted to a large group of individuals
  • guest worker noun: a foreign laborer working temporarily in an industrialized, usually European, country

The next immigration reform statement I take exception to:

A more prosperous economy -- for America. The program would allow workers to find jobs and employers to find workers, quickly and simply.

President Bush, this helps the 15.3 million unemployed American citizens how? You know, the United States of America's citizens. You see I wasn't referring to aiding Latin America's unemployed citizens in my original questions to you sir.

Let me clarify something as I was obviously quite unclear the first time we visited. I have been talking about the United States of AMERICA's people. I was not talking about Latin America and  MEXICO's people.  Mexico is located in Latin America and their President is Vicente Fox.  Americanss live in the United States of America, and our country's president is Republican George W. Bush.

President Bush, for all Americans living in America, I will say I was thrilled to read the following immigration reform action. This is terrific news and a great start.

President Bush announced the Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS), an internet-based system that is improving America's ability to track and monitor foreign students and exchange visitors. Over 870,000 students are registered in SEVIS. Of 285 completed field investigations, 71 aliens were arrested.

We have arrested 71 illegal aliens. Now the United States only has approximately 11,000,029 (million) illegal aliens to go. Unfortunately it appears that an additional 700,000 people illegally cross our borders through the Mexican border yearly. At this time I believe we are not effectively stemming the illegal flow into America. Perhaps it is just me. But I doubt it. The sheer numbers seem to speak for themselves. And that brings me to our next subject, our country's borders themselves and your following statement.

Protecting the Homeland by Controlling Our Borders: The program should link to efforts to control our border through agreements with countries whose nationals participate in the program. Participants would be issued a temporary worker card that will allow them to travel back and forth between their home and the U.S. without fear of being denied re-entry into America.

Our bordering countries are A) Mexico and B) Canada. Consult a map and you will see for yourself who, what and where our bordering countries are. For interest's sake, while you are consulting maps take a good look at the map of the mythical country Aztlan and see what Mexico wrongfully believes she rightfully owns and plans to take back from America in the very near future.

While we are still visiting here President Bush, let us move beyond map studies and return to the open border amnesty program. The interesting subject of; "Is this more of a Promote good will between the USA and our Good Friend Mexico" because that is how it appears to me.  We already have the full cooperation with Canada without offering them an open "come and go as one pleases" via the United States/Canadian borders. Is there any other answer here that I seem to be missing in the Big Picture of Mexican/American borders? Besides oil for amnesty trades?

Of course I was gratified to read that we are protecting Iraq's borders to the tune of 300 million United States of America's tax dollars. Once again, I ask you the following.  "What about the United States of America's borders sir?"

Please remember you have been elected to represent the United States of America's citizens. You were not elected to represent the Latin American country of Mexico's citizens. They are El Presidente Fox's responsibility and that is his job as Mexico's president. Your job as our American president is to uphold the Constitution, the Rule of the Law in America, and to protect American citizens from foreign and domestic enemies.

Thank you for your time regarding this porous border dilemma we are all facing now and when catering your next dinner party, please serve American "hamburgers" and not President Fox's "Whole Enchiladas."

Because that is truly the American way.

Marty Lich is published in the Center for Immigration Studies, as well as numerous newspapers and websites across the nation. Marty can be contacted at

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Marty Lich
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