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Marty Lich

Is Life Like That?
By Marty Lich
Jan 20, 2005 - 10:09:00 AM

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Funny, *they* say Life is Like that! Or that is what I hear from time to time.

And yes indeed, life is like that. Unfair, judgmental, one-sided. Or is it the media, and not life is really like that? For the most part.

Case in point and no pun intended: Opening scene, Glenwood Springs, Colorado and a business called the Busy Bee Cleaning Service. The Busy Bee is owned by a nice business lady (I know her, she really is nice) named Nancy Myer. Who was sued successfully in court for nonpayment of wages to an employee who recorded hours she had not actually worked, but felt she should be paid for. The proprietor of the Busy Bee Cleaning service made the grievous error of hiring a Mexican National with United States documents lady named Nicolasa Delgado. Oops, I guess when one is using a fraudulently obtained Social Security card, and billing her boss for hours she was not working, and also residing admittedly in the United States of America illegally, one is not supposed to print the full name of the offender. But hey, I'm just a mom who is not a liberal Big-City editor so what do I know about being politically correct anyway? I don’t know much, if you are to follow the Glenwood Post Independent editor’s thought processes as evidenced by the following:

1-19-05 Editor's note: We continue to withhold Nicolasa's last name to protect her identity.

One more thing that I should perhaps mention. Following a tongue-lashing to the editor by the owner of the Busy Bee Cleaning service, the editor removed his pronouncement and so now when you open “My side is the truth”, the disclaimer is all gone. Just like Nicolasa Delgado’s last name is all gone from the author’s commentary. But her name is still a matter of public record in the Glenwood Springs courthouse. Oops again! Darn public records.

I truly wonder what is the matter with A) the newspapers and B) our judicial system when A) a newspaper will not print the last name of a woman who has committed a misdemeanor by being in America illegally but DOES print the full name of the wronged business owner and B) our court upheld the lawsuit filed by a woman who was offered her last paycheck, sans the hours that were not worked, and awarded punitive damages as well to her. Do you wonder too?

I also wonder why it is that Nancy Myer’s personally funded attorney did NOT have HIS commentary published following this hearing and settlement and yet the Catholic Charities recommended to Nicolasa Delgado pro-bono  attorney Mr. Kaufman DID have his commentary titled “Undocumented immigrants are human beings, too” printed. The commentary that called Mrs. Myer a predator, among other less than flattering personal descriptions. That would be the commentary that ran on December 14, 2004.

I smell a rat. Or at the very least, I smell a “we are being sold down the river.” Not just by our government with the Guest Worker amnesty deal, but sold out by our American courts, our American lawyers, our American non-profit charities and our American media. In other words, this Float Trip down the River doesn’t sit right with me and it shouldn’t sit right with you.

If you question our American good sense, and you find the editor, Tom Martinez of the Post Independent to be unfairly biased, I recommend you email Editor Martinez at I also recommend you contact our United States Congressmen, toll-free, at 877) 762-8762. I suggest you address this issue and many like it, with our president as well, courtesy of the White House Hotline number (202) 456-1111 or via fax at (202) 456-2461.

And by all means, contact Tom Ziemann, director of Catholic Charities for the Western Slope at Mr. Ziemann was quoted in the paper  on January 3, 2005, saying,  "Immigrants have all sorts of unique circumstances that come up that aren't really addressed by traditional government services, because many of them are undocumented.” Mr. Ziemann, let me point out that they are not immigrants, they are illegal aliens and as such, should not, but do apparently, receive government tax funded services (court of law is one?) meant for legal citizens and immigrants living in the United States of America. Furthermore Mr. Ziemann advised me to “Please write to your federal legislators to create changes if people (he means people like me here, Marty Lich) have a problem with U.S. immigration policies. They (“They” is more people like me) shouldn’t be complaining about the many fine agencies in this valley that help immigrants” in his recent letter  to the editor.

Well thank you Mr. Ziemann! That is good advice. So good that I have passed the message along here while contacting everyone I can think of.

So please do approach these people dear readers. In part because I wonder why “Life is Like That” in America and in part because you should wonder as well. Maybe someone out there will be kind enough to explain it to us lowly taxpaying citizens, who are really doing the job no court, Congress, President or newspaper wants to do. Uphold the law in America. For Americans, by Americans, that is.

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Marty Lich
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