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Marty Lich

Hello Mr. President. Remember Me, the United States Taxpayer?
By Marty Lich
Apr 26, 2004 - 3:56:00 PM

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Hello Mr. President, remember me? I remember you and the apparently gone but not forgotten "Fox is America's friend" conversation in January of 2004.

Just a quick question here Sir. What happened to the enchilada, the "Whole Enchilada" that El Presidente Fox demanded of the United States with regards to amnesty and open borders? Seems to have been refrigerated somewhere because there is no mention of Fox, amnesty or enchiladas any where to be read. I faithfully read GOPUSA and the Capital Connection and nope, no friendly enchilada talks. I faithfully read the New York Times and the Magic City Morning Star and the Los Angeles Times and nope, no enchiladas. Is this destined to be another backdoor amnesty with all of us lowly American taxpaying citizens being told after the fact? See we lowly taxpayers are still very interested in friendship talks with Mexico's President Fox and any ensuing amnesties. Particularly when it costs us our hard-earned money to fund the 'Whole Enchilada' for El Presidente Fox.

Clinton operated much the same back in 1996 when he and the Immigration and Naturalization Services changed our immigration laws that had been in effect for over 100 years. The laws didn't seem broken to any of us United States of America taxpayers but apparently it was or Clinton would not have changed it. Also per the then President Clinton it was put out for a public pro-con poll prior to the Public Charge change. Really? Where was this done? In a small town with a population of 200? Because, oh yes, I would have responded even back then. Responded with a big huge "No thank you, thank you anyway" because gee, I just don't want to give all illegal aliens my tax dollars to pay for their welfare services.

Mr. President, while we are chatting I also vaguely recall an amnesty for oil trade that was in the works with El Presidente Fox until that pesky 9-11 terrorist deal interrupted things. Of course once again, the lowly USA taxpayers weren't being told about it until after the fact. As a matter of 'fact', the only amnesty Americans historically were told about was President Reagan's promised One-Time-Only farm worker's amnesty of 1986. This was delivered with the promise of true enforced borders for the United States. Well one out of two isn't bad, we did get the farm workers amnesty, and we did not get tighter United States borders. In fact, they are more porous than ever. Oh yes, one more little detail, Mr. President. We have had 6 more amnesties since that time. Another item on the agenda that had gone unnoticed by the majority of the American law-abiding voting public. Unnoticed until 9-11 occurred, that is. Wow, what a porous border lax immigration policy wake up call that was.

Mr. President, you handled 9-11 and the terrorists quite well in my book. We all living here in the United States of America thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your responses to that very real threat. Now please handle our porous US/Mexico and US/Canadian borders with as much efficiency, as they too are a very real security threat. We can intercept illegal alien Cubans offshore, greet them at gunpoint and relocate them right back home. Is there any reason we cannot greet Mexican border crashers with the same professional courtesy? "Welcome to America, please disregard the guns aimed at you, they are for your protection as well as ours, and have a wonderful trip right back home." Their Latin American home that is, not our American home. Or do we not want to hurt our new and wonderful friend, El Presidente Fox's feelings? That leads me to my next questions to you, Mr. President. Will history will repeat itself once again and we, the American taxpaying public will be told after the fact? Is this to be our future American destiny with regards to the 'whole enchilada' temporary guest worker program that is really an amnesty? A "Oh, by the way, we have now just amnestied 10-13 million illegal aliens in America, and of course they are entitled to forever receive all United States public aid, TANF, formerly known as 'welfare'. And please do bring your entire family along because this is a family reunification USA Federal project."

Are the media headlines going to scream in bold print; "President Fox forever thanks the American taxpayers for supplying his country with the much appreciated $25 billion dollars, American cash monies, sent home each year to support us all." It seems to be a United States of America Christmas present to our newly reestablished friend, the country of Mexico. This is to be America's future, the future of American taxpayers playing Santa Claus to all of Latin America? While at the same time being a scrooge and delivering lumps of coal to our law-abiding (and future of America) United States children?

Mr. President, we have oil. Enough oil to have zero reliance on any foreign countries oil supplies. Even the Arabs informed us that they are not giving the United States any more oil until we drill for our own. Why aren't we doing exactly that as we speak here? Why are we entertaining any amnesty for oil trades? Why did we ever entertain those ideas? Why aren't you speaking up? Why aren't you defending Americans on our own soil as efficiently as you are defending American lives on other foreign countries soil?

Because Mr. President, we do remember and we have not forgotten. We are still watching carefully for the dinner party to begin.

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Marty Lich
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