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Marty Lich

Are Congratulatory Notes in Order?
By Marty Lich
Nov 12, 2004 - 10:57:00 AM

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I received the following yesterday from Grassfire, a non-profit blog intent on sending hundreds of congratulatory notes straight to our own George W. Bush.

Subject: FW: Tell the President You're Standing With Him

Friend, In the aftermath of an absolutely thrilling Presidential Election, Grassfire is launching a Congratulatory Tribute to President George W. Bush, and we'd like you to be among the very first to take part. Over the next two weeks, Grassfire will be rallying at least 100,000 citizens to personally congratulate our Commander-in-Chief on a "job well-done". Click here for more:

We expect tens of thousands of citizens to take part, and want to make certain our special friends get the very first opportunity to add their name and message to be presented to the White House by Grassfire.

Thanks for your support!

Comments? Questions?

And when you go to their home page, they proudly state that “Citizens Unite to Congratulate Our Commander-In-Chief”. Click here to send a “congratulatory message.”

Well, I hate to be the bearer of bad news. I am a citizen here, true enough. I am also a lifelong registered Republican, but I do not plan on congratulating our Commander in Chief, President Bush, anytime soon. In fact, I am not congratulating him whatsoever. The truth be known, I did not vote for him this time around. I believed that President Fox’s demands of receiving the “Whole Enchilada” would return with its insatiable appetite for American public benefits, “Payable to the Country of Mexico Upon Demand.” Something I thought would be sated soon enough by our American president, and I was not disappointed in my expectations. It just came sooner rather than later. These ‘Whole Enchilada’ demands are being spoon-fed as I write this.

One week after gaining office President Bush sent in Colin Powell, Secretary of State, to make do on his promise of legalizing all illegal aliens living here in the United States of America. Go to the Voice of America, a multimedia international broadcasting service funded by the U.S. government at and read it for yourselves. “Powell Promises Bush Administration Drive on Immigration Reform “By David Gollust, Mexico City, 9 November 2004. “Secretary of State Colin Powell told Mexican officials Tuesday President Bush will make immigration reform a "high priority" in his second term in office. Previous efforts to get legal status for Mexican migrant workers in the United States have stalled in Congress.”

One might consider that perhaps, just maybe, the reason that Congress has stalled such talks in the past is for the same reason that Governor Gray Davis was ousted from California, the very same reason that Arizona’s PAN initiative, Proposition 2000 was wildly successful and the very same reason that Congressman Tom Tancredo won so mightily over Joanna Conti in Colorado. The “reason behind the reason,” President Bush, is that American citizens and legal immigrants want illegal aliens deported from our country. We do not want a temporary guest worker plan. We understand all too well that they are not temporary, and we are not so stupid that we are buying into your plan. We do not want the continued illegal flow across our border to be sanctioned by our own government; the very government which swore under oath of office to protect us from all foreign invaders, to uphold the laws in America, and this same American government who swore to duty “For the People, By the People”. May I respectfully remind you, Sir, that we are these People. We are this country and you are our elected government official whose duty is, first and foremost, to us.

This is not ‘new’ news to us either. California passed soundly their own Initiative, Proposition 187, to stop giving away the state's life-blood to illegal alien invaders. California had their Proposition overturned by a court of law, but it was never overturned by its residents. Poll after poll after poll shows that a sound majority say “No more”. No more Public Benefits welfare aid, no more allowances for illegal aliens, no more turning the other way when they are encountered illegally living here.

Yet it has gone unheard by many of our government officials. Including yourself, the President of the United States of America, George W. Bush. Our job is not to write lovely congratulatory notes for a leader who is failing us, the American citizens, once again.

Our job is to contact our Congress and send them congratulatory notes for looking out for us, the “We the People” of the United States of America.

By all means, please contact Grassfire as well and send them your comments and questions at After all they asked us for them, didn’t they?

Marty Lich

She may also be happily contacted at

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Marty Lich
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