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Marty Lich

A Reply to Mr. Connors and Adios to my Readers
By Marty Lich
Feb 7, 2005 - 9:39:00 PM

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Dear readers. I rarely address individual writers but will address Mr. J. Conners. Out of a hundred or more emails, most of which are wonderful, insightful, encouraging, and often poignant, I occasionally hear from The Other Side. Mr. John Connors is The Other Side. Under our freedom of speech right and under the ACLU equal treatment of all, he is entitled to write what he wishes. Just as am I.

My column addressed the inequality of the two different parent release forms passed out in the Girl Scout organization. The reality is I would have said “hey no fair,” that is unequal treatment under the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) homepage …”equal” being the key word here.

“The mission of the ACLU is to preserve all of these protections and guarantees: equal treatment regardless of race, sex, religion or national origin.”

Even if the release forms had been printed in English and German, or French or so on, I would still say, excuse me but that is preferential treatment. You see, I am not interested in what language the discrimination is written in, I am much more interested in the discrimination portion itself.

Mr. Connors can write what he wishes, true enough. It is his personal emails that are the most insightful however. When I said to you all, watch out, you may not be feeling the tsunami wave of condoned illegal immigration in your Eastern States but it is there, it really is already bunking down with you, I meant it. It is already bedding down in your states. Buyer beware, it begins slowly and insidiously. Allow me to paste a few more lines from Mr. Connors emails to me.  You will remember that I quoted this portion of Mr. Connors written statements in a column past:

“It makes my brown skin crawl to know that you live in Maine, we are here and we are growing and we are staying get over it boy.”

PAZ jc

There are a couple of more emails however from Mr. Connors:

“Boy, my name has been in papers in Maine, the US, and Latin America about my stands on this issues and losers like you.”

“Check the news net and look for start with J.C. lets give you something to do. Look me you on the net BOY”

Well folks, I actually have a very full plate and plenty to do here at home. But out of curiosity and due to the fact that unlike my more literate and proud to be American writers vs. the “we are here and we are growing and we are staying get over it boy” readers, J Connors refused to give his name to me, so I did look for him. And found quite a bit on the ‘net’, oh Boy! See?

His name is John Connors. He lives in Portland, Maine, and is associated with an organization called Hispano de Maine. Additionally, I was able to find his telephone number, his fax number, and his page number, as well as a number of posts, letters, and references to him on the Internet.

What a guy.

Anyway, please do not believe that Jan Herron and I receive only these type emails, we do not. We receive, truly 99.9% of the time, emails from wonderful families in America. People, who care not about “We are staying so get over it” but “care deeply about our beloved country America” and say instead “I want to save Her.” There are no self-serving, I am staying so too bad statements in the bulk of the emails we both receive.

To close, I will leave you with this thought. As Editor Ken Anderson stated, “John Lee Malvo, one of the DC snipers, was Jamaican, while the other was a U.S. military veteran. I don't think anyone suggested that he was a Latino, but then I don't feel like re-reading a bunch of articles in order to find out.

No, neither of us ever suggested such a thing in columns past. We talk about illegal immigration and the illegal aliens among us. Period. I have addressed Mr. Malvo several times in the past as being of the Black ethnic race, but never Latino. I have addressed Mr. Malvo in the past only because he is not Hispanic, just as I address illegal alien Patrick Graber, because not only is HE illegal here, he is a white illegal alien. My race. And both offenders are housed in our prisons as I type this, and both are costing American taxpayers a yearly average of $23,000 a year to house and feed. I do not think we should be paying that. I think perhaps our president should, since he was in office during both of these illegal alien’s ventures into America. Unchecked and unaddressed, yet endorsed by someone other than American citizens. Legal United States residents of all nationalities.

Ms. Jan Herron and I want it stopped. Now is fine, but yesterday, prior to 9-11, would have been better.

On that note, I should let you all know that I am leaving the Magic City Morning Star as a columnist, but not due to Mr. Connors and his like. I will continue my 12-year fight against illegal immigration and I will continue to address it with my government officials, who live in my country and work for me! And who work for you, but who do NOT work for Mexico's President Fox and the illegal aliens residing here. We are the citizens of the United States of America, and voters, so our government officials work for us. How quickly most of them forget that.

I will be busy with Defend Colorado Now; Colorado’s Constitutional amendment change that follows Arizona’s thinking in Prop. 200. I voted for California’s Prop. 187 and hope that, once again, the California voters will place a similar one on their ballot. It was soundly voted in, but shelved until the time frame ran out. It was never defeated, nor was it ruled illegal; and that is important information to keep in mind.

Keep fighting for all of America please, law-abiding residents. That includes everyone and not just for the segregated portion of the United States of America called “Aztlan,” or by the people of La Raza, or in plain ole English, “My Race’.

This time, it isn’t “All About You,” Mr. Connors.

It is “All About Us” and the word ‘us’ includes every race that are Proud to be American and living here legally.

The key word here is "legal."

Articles Show Hatred for Latinos, Says Writer
By JC Connors
Feb 6, 2005, 17:16

How can you run the hate and filth from the likes of Jan Herron and Marty Lich. They hate Latinos and your rage supports them.

They use your whatever to push hate that is not based on any truth.

The DC killer is not Latino and was in the US with papers. One of them today is attacking the Girl Scouts and sir, this person is not talking about people that have or do not have papers.

They are attacking people that have been in the US for thousands of years they are talking about family members that have died defending the US around the world. Including undocumented Latinos who gave their lives, even in Iraq.

The only people these two and people like them would be happy with killed himself in a bunker in Germany in 1945.

If they are op ed-stories that is not stated. What kind of people can write that trash day after day and be so full of hate?

Paz jc

JC Connors
South Portland, Maine

Editor's Note: We're going to miss publishing your column, Marty. I wish you well in whatever you do, and I thank you for your valuable contributions to the Magic City Morning Star.

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Marty Lich
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