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Mark Oaks

Waning Conservatism?
By Mark Oaks
Nov 11, 2006 - 12:05:00 AM

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Let me tell you about the election last Tuesday. The Democrats won. It is that simple. Such is our system. We have candidates who run for office. We have elections. In elections, the majority wins. Not the majority of the people, but the majority of the voters. In a football game, the players on the field win or loose the game, not the spectators. Yes, the spectators must live with the outcome of the game, but only the players determined the winner.

Okay. Last Tuesday, the Democrats won the majority of the votes in enough elections to control the Legislative Branch of our government. They are now in charge (or will be in January) and will remain in charge until at least the next election. That is a fact of life and we must deal with it. Limbaugh, Hannity, Reagan, get over it! Let us get on with life.

While some say that the results of the election were not so much a victory for the Democrats as they were a firing of the Republicans, I disagree. I believe the election was a victory for conservatism. More than a score of the winning Democratic candidates ran as conservatives. Jim Webb, Virginia Senator elect and a Democrat, was a Reagan Republican. He even served as Reagan's Secretary of the Navy. He remains a Reagan Conservative. I am a Reagan Conservative and I wish for Reagan Conservatives to be elected to office. That wish has partly come true with Democratic Senator elect Webb.

Yes, had I been a Virginia voter, I would have voted for Senator Allen because I did not wish for the far left Democratic leadership to control the Legislature. But now that Webb has won, I am pleased that a conservative, regardless of his party affiliation, has been elected to the Senate.

Moreover, though I am not happy with the leadership of the Democratic Party, I am happy that so many conservative Democrats were elected to office. Again, this election has been a win for conservatives. Unfortunately the Republicans, once the party of conservatism, have lost their vision and have become big government big spenders. Conservatism won this election while left of center and big government advocates lost.

In my previous column, I said some unflattering things about far left Democrats. I stand by those things. Given a free hand, the far left, that is, the Stalinists or communists in the leadership positions in the Democratic Party will shove rabid socialism down our collective throats. Yes those leaders are still in charge. But with the newly elected conservative Democrats along with the conservative Republicans in place, the socialist leadership may be reigned in.

Before the election, socialist Democrats were talking about impeachment proceedings against the President, investigations of several members of the Republican leadership, and cutting and running from the war in Iraq. But, with the conservatives on both sides of the aisle, it is unlikely that such will be the case. In fact, the leadership has already moderated its stance on these things.

As for taxes, gun-control, and social mores, it is not likely that the conservative majority in both houses will allow much drift toward the left in those areas. It is likely that the conservative inclination of this nation will continue, even under the leadership of Pelosi, Reid, et al.

Let us keep one thing foremost in our minds. Yes, the leftists are bicamerally in charge. And, yes they will be there for at least two years. The most important thing to remember is that traditionally, the party of the President usually looses in the mid-term election during the President's last term in office. The average loss for such a party is 31 House and six Senate seats. The Democrats gained 29 House seats and six Senate seats—about average for these mid-term elections. So the media's breathless claims of the Republicans being swept away are bogus. This is no more than an average correction for a sixth year mid-term election.

I prayed for several months that God would not allow the Democrats to gain control of the legislature. I feared the ultra-left leaning leadership of the party. But I also prayed that if God had another plan, that His will be done, as it will regardless of my desires. I also asked Him to help me to accept whatever outcome He and in mind for our government.

When it was obvious that the Democrats had won, I simply accepted her fact that it was the will of God. Now that I have had several days to learn more about this election and to reflect upon it, I see why He allowed the change. God knew that my real desire was not to keep Republicans in office, but to keep conservatives in office. As usual, His answer to my prayer was to fulfill my real wishes and not what I thought they were. In other words, His answer was perfect, as always.

The Democrats have won leadership of both houses of Congress and are now in charge. That is a simple fact we must live with. Bitterness is useless, nay, it is unnecessary, because conservatism is not on the wane. Conversely, it waxes onward upward, leaving behind the left wing no matter which party it claims as its own.

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Mark Oaks
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