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Mark Oaks

American Moment
By Mark Oaks
Oct 4, 2006 - 6:53:00 AM

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Mark Oaks
Like no other election in my lifetime, the mid-term election of 2006 may be the most important. The United States stands before a defining moment with two extraordinarily disparate paths at her disposal. On the one hand is the steady course upon which she has tread since her beginning and the other is toward a radical change in her political structure.

In the beginning, our Founders foresaw a nation dedicated to freedom, individualism, character, morality and personal responsibility. They provided the tools that allowed rugged individuality to flourish. Such tools had never been provided to men or women in the entire history of the world./P>

They envisioned a realm of limited government with little interference in the lives of law abiding citizens. Such a realm would allow its citizens to prosper and survive without the attendance or guardianship of an overbearing government.

Under such governance, individuals were free to pursue their dreams in a much unlimited fashion, at whatever level of excellence they deemed right for themselves. At the same time, if a person did not have the desire or drive to pursue such individual proficiency, and failed, there was no government net to catch him. Individuals knew and understood this and thus, most Americans had the drive to succeed.

Rugged individualism is what made the United States great. From the farmer in the wild to the business owner in the town, a majority of Americans were rugged individualists. They did not have a government to pay for their education, to prop up their business, to pay them to not raise crops, or assist them in any way except to get and stay out of their way. Furthermore, without that governmental intrusion they produced a vibrant and thriving economy and standard of living that was, and still is, the best that ever existed in the world throughout history.

The framers envisioned a nation of free thinkers, and free speakers. No matter how unpopular a statement a person made, he was free to make it. The freedoms Americans possessed made them great thinkers. Thankfully, their thoughts and the expression of them were not regulated by the government; indeed, the government did not even have the right to even consider any infringement upon these rights.

In conjunction with the freedom to speak as a person would was the freedom to worship in any way a person saw fit and to express that religion in any venue. There was no government requirement that religious speech be disallowed at government sponsored events. Prayer, Bible reading, and religious speech of all types were allowed in schools, in courthouses, on public thoroughfares, in the halls of government and on the street corner. No one forced their religion on anyone, and government did not repress anyone's religious rights in the name of "Separation of Church and State."

In fact, just the opposite occurred. In their Thanksgiving Proclamations, several early Presidents called for citizens to take that time to worship God, thank Him, and petition Him to guide the Nation in her pursuits. Washington, Adams, and Madison all issued such proclamations while enjoying the office of President of the United States.

While continuing down the roadway expressed in the previous illustrations, the United States evolved into a major world economy and a major world superpower. The downtrodden of the world have looked toward the United States as the only place in the world that offered personal prosperity, freedom, and security. They came to the United States in search of hope, which most of them found. Today they still come; they still seek the American dream. This dream was only made possible because of the path America trod for her first two centuries. Now, in the twenty-first century, the nation has come to a point of decision. Should she continue of the successful road she has been on? Or, should she begin a new path? The decision will be made this November.

The new path that so many on the left desire, would be to turn away from what has made America successful and turn into a path that has failed every time it has been undertaken. That pathway is radical socialism that is enforced by a powerful central government. If my history is correct, there has been a colossal failure of such a system in the past two decades. Such a system—socialism enforced by a strong central government—was the essential policy of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The system was more popularly known as communism.

Yes, I submit that the American left and its socialist bent can be more correctly defined as communist. I must agree with Limbaugh, who said of the Democrats, "They are Stalinists". That is a correct assessment. There are many in the Democratic Party, and all of its leadership, who want to shut down freedom of expression, freedom of the speech, and freedom of the press for any opposed to them. If you oppose them, they do not want you to have free speech. They want you silenced. That is the practice of Stalinists.

These socialist leftists want America to give up its roots and turn down the path of Marxism. It was Marx who penned the words, "from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs." The American left intensely wishes to put Marx's words in to practice in the USA.

They oppose any expression, thought, or deed that would keep America on the successful track it has followed in the past. They have attempted to rewrite history, change the language, repress free expression (via such things as the fairness doctrine and campaign finance reform) and repress religious expression in order to implement their plans. Conversely, the left have attempted to allow immorality to flourish in the hopes that it would help them in their cause.

An America on the pathway desired by leftists would look very different that the America we now have. Taxes would increase, wrecking the economy. The fairness doctrine would be reestablished in order to put down opposition to the communist propaganda of the left. Religious expression would be further repressed. Gun ownership would be under attack. There would be an attempt to criminalize the possession of firearms with the government going house to house to confiscate weapons (this happened in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina struck—the police entered into all properties in town stealing all the legally owned firearms they found).

Enforced redistribution of wealth would occur. If you have the drive to work and be successful, the left will punish your success by confiscating a large percentage of your income in order to give it to those without the drive to succeed.

Private property would be under attack with more and more confiscation of property by eminent domain. The left would prefer have the government control all property. Property rights are not important to them.

Individualism would be restrained. Taxes, government control of property and transport, and regulation would severely inhibit the individual in favor of the group. Some groups would be more highly favored than others. The less favored ones would suffer from repression. The favored groups would receive all the benefits of society; less favored groups would be second class citizens.

Is this the kind of America you want? Do you wish for our nation to turn to communism? Or would you prefer that the country remain on the same successful track it has been on since it began? The election this November may well change the very soul of our nation. On the other hand, if enough patriots vote, America will be saved from such a drastic change. Patriots, I encourage you to vote. If we loose this election, then America may never be able to change back to her old pathway. Can we take that chance? I say no and I hope a great many patriots join me in that sentiment.

Copyright © 2006, Mark Oaks. All rights reserved.

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Mark Oaks
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