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Mark Oaks

A True Miracle
By Mark Oaks
Jan 4, 2005 - 1:09:00 AM

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The case of Jeanna Giese (you may find articles about this subject via a search engine), a fifteen year old young lady who survived rabies without the vaccine, is a true miracle of God.

Consider the facts:

  • Rabies has nearly a 100% fatality rate upon onset of symptoms
  • Brain dysfunction occurs days before death
  • All nervous control of all muscles deteriorate until all control lost, causing death
  • The onset of symptoms always results in death in a few days
  • Jeanna experienced both the brain dysfunction and the loss of nerves to muscles

After the symptoms appear it is too late to administer the vaccine for it is ineffective at that point. The symptoms include fever, headache and general illness. Neurological symptoms soon occur. These may include confusion, hallucinations, paralysis, insomnia, anxiety, and difficulty swallowing. Once symptoms begin, there is nearly a 100% mortality rate within a few days. There are only five known survivors of rabies after the onset of symptoms.

The fact that Jeanna survived this horrible sickness is miraculous in itself. But that does not even begin to reveal the true miracle that has happened to Jeanna. Let me quote what one of her doctors said:

"Some of the motions she came back with were that she literally was reconnecting nerves to muscles, reconnecting nerves to her heart. She's just been fixing all sorts of things as we sit back and marvel. It's really almost like watching a rebirth." (Dr. Rodney Willoughby)

When I read what Dr. Willoughby said, I can only conclude that God has wrought a miracle in Jeanna's body. What we have here is a true miracle of God out in the open for all to see. God has not closed up shop on miracles as some believe or preach. He is still in the business of miracles even now in the twenty-first century.

There has been much prayer over Jeanna. Her parents have prayed, many prayer groups have prayed and it appears that even medical professionals associated with her case have prayed. Often when I hear on the news that someone claims to pray for another, I will ask myself, "To whom are you praying?" I ask this because I know that many of them are not believers in God. If they do not believe, then to whom do they pray?

However, in this case, many true believers prayed. The Bible says, " The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much." We can certainly believe that. Here many men and women, clothed in the righteousness of Christ, prayed fervently and effectually. God heard and answered their prayers in the affirmative, working a miracle in our midst.

At a time when the world seems to be in a nosedive, it is indeed refreshing to read of a true miracle of God. People are dying form terrorism, wars, crime, violence in schools, drunk drivers, extreme weather conditions, and huge sea waves. It seems that we are loosing control of society. We seem to have an overabundance of grief. We have too much lawlessness with no way to overcome, or so it seems to the frail human mind. This miracle reminds all of us that God is indeed in control and He absolutely wishes to intervene in our problems. He will not force Himself upon us, for that would make us mere puppets. He will only help us if we wish Him to. We must seek Him and believe in Him and allow Him to intervene. He will only do so at our request.

This miracle proves to us that He will indeed help if asked.

This nation needs a miracle of rebirth in order to survive. We sometimes think we musk have big political machines and organizations to change presidents, judges, and laws in order to stop the immortality that is rampant in our nation. The truth is that a nation will never be changed from the top down. Men and women's hearts must be changed one by one in order to generate change in America. We must change the country from the bottom up, one heart at a time. Such a miracle as this one gives us hope in the God that will help us if we ask. Let us ask Him fervently and effectually to help.

Copyright 2005, Mark Oaks. All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2002-2013 by Magic City Morning Star

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Mark Oaks
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