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Maine Politics

Levesque Plan for Economic Growth
By Levesque for Congress
Oct 22, 2010 - 12:10:06 AM

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2nd Congressional District Candidate Jason Levesque has released a series of policy goals and plans to get the economy back on track and bring jobs back to Maine. The multi-point plan incorporates ideas he has been sharing across the district through his campaign for Congress. These policies address the concerns voiced by members of the public during Jason's 14 months on the campaign trail.

"I'm a small businessman, husband and father. I know what families are going through trying to manage their budgets right now. The biggest concern I hear from people is the lack of jobs and the government's inability to enact policies that lead to job creation, stability, and prosperity. The path Congress has put us on is unsustainable. We must change course, and change course right away. We know the solution is not this unlimited government spending we've been put through. People want jobs and we must fix the problems and remove the obstacles that are causing our massive job losses and preventing job growth. We must eliminate the climate of uncertainty for small businesses.

"A part of my policy plan is to repeal and halt many of the activities of this current Congress. Mike Michaud will follow Nancy Pelosi's talking points and tell you that makes me a member of the party of 'no.' However, I believe that to put our nation and economy back on track we must first change the direction. Repealing, reforming and stopping the massive spending and growth of government is the first step in doing so. Then, I will say 'yes' to policies that allow job creation so we can all get back to work.

"These are simple to address policy proposals that can be implemented quickly. You don't need 2400 pages of bureaucracy to call it a policy."--Jason Levesque, 2nd District Congressional Candidate.

The Levesque Plan for Economic Growth.

"We live in the greatest nation in the world; that does not mean it is not without problems and does not mean we cannot improve. In a global economic world, we must realize our economic stability is foremost in our domestic and foreign policy decisions. We must be stable to succeed". -Jason Levesque

Improve our economy and bring jobs to Maine:

Repeal Obamacare and replace with:

  • Open state lines so people can purchase insurance from anywhere, same as car insurance. This increases competition thereby reducing costs.

  • Implement true TORT reform to get lawyers out of the exam room. Cap payouts and require initial mediation to eliminate frivolous lawsuits.

  • Allow small businesses to pool to purchase insurance and get same rates as large companies.

  • All health care expenditures including insurance for everyone should be tax deductable.

    In addition to direct costs to employers--including a medical device excise tax, the massive cost for employers in this legislation is already killing jobs.

Reduce over regulation and require regulatory consistency:

  • We need a law requiring regulatory consistency. A five year "grandfather law" on new regulations with an emergency waiver process. We can't keep forcing businesses to re-comply yearly to new and arbitrary regulations.

  • Review all regulations on a periodic timetable. Many imposed regulations are unnecessary and outdated.

Reduce the corporate tax rate:

We have second highest in the world-second to Japan. It has long been said in politics--how do you love employees and hate employers? The massive taxation on corporations limits their ability to grow and hire. If we reduce the corporate tax rate we will be able to allow them to expand and put more jobs on the payroll. While I would prefer a massive cut to 15%. I believe we have to do it in steps. I would favor a 5% reduction per biennium in order to get us down to a reasonable rate in the long term.

Reduce taxes:
  • Extend the Bush Tax Cuts. They affect everyone, you do not raise taxes in a recession--to not extend is to create a massive tax increase.

  • The Health Care Bill and the Cap and Trade legislation create massive tax and cost increases for businesses. Eliminating them would allow businesses to grow and hire.

  • Permanently abolish the Death Tax.

  • Reduce the Capital Gains tax.

  • The outrageous spending is sending us down an unsustainable path and Washington will demand more tax increases if we do not stop this.

  • Reduce payroll tax levels.

    "Lower rates of taxation will stimulate economic activity and so raise the levels of personal and corporate income as to yield within a few years an increased - not a reduced - flow of revenues to the federal government." - John F. Kennedy, Jan. 17, 1963, annual budget message to the Congress, fiscal year 1964

Address Energy Independence:

  • Cap and Trade is a massive tax increase that will cost the average Maine family $1000 per year. It must not be implemented.

  • Implement tax incentives for renewable energy sources to increase output and/or construct new plants. Nuclear is a clean, efficient and affordable form of such.

  • Allow drilling in ANWAR to help reduce our dependence on foreign oil which is an economic and security drain on our nation.

Reduce our massive debt--$13 Trillion and Climbing:

Use unspent stimulus and TARP funds to pay down debt.

Require companies who are profitable and have received TARP funds to start paying back the money and use it to pay down the debt.

Require a balanced budget on all discretionary spending.

End the earmark process. All appropriations should be transparent and receive an up or down vote. Including pork-barrel funding projects in unrelated legislation diminishes the intent of the process.

Federal regulations and the process by which they are implemented should be reduced. Government needing to shrink is a policy. Agencies have far too much power to destroy companies. Their power should be limited.

All spending legislation should require a sunset provision so unnecessary or outdated programs are not continually funded indefinitely. Lawmakers should be required to periodically vote to continue funding.

Solve our Illegal Immigration Crisis:

Illegal immigration affects our economy, our education and health systems and our national security.

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