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Maine Politics

Jason Levesque: Congressman Michaud, Return the Rangel Money
By Alicia Preston
Aug 3, 2010 - 12:18:38 AM

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Auburn, Me - Maine's 2nd District Congressman Mike Michaud has received $12,000 from embattled New York Congressman Charlie Rangel and unlike his colleagues across the country who have returned or donated nearly 600K that they received from Rangel, Congressman Michaud has to date refused to do so. Now, Congressman Rangel has been charged with 13 counts of ethics violations. Michaud's challenger, Jason Levesque, asked for Michaud to return the money back in March and in responding to the request, Michaud's campaign reportedly said the following: "Greg Olson of Michaud's campaign said on Friday that Rangel hadn't contributed any funds to Michaud recently and that anything received in the past had already been spent." The Political Grind, By Rebekah Metzler, Staff Writer, Published Mar 06, 2010, Lewiston Sun Journal.

Here is a breakdown of the money Congressman Michaud received from Charlie Rangel:

From Rangel for Congress:

Michaud, Michael H. 08/27/2002 1000.00 22992209245
via Michaud for Congress
Michaud, Michael H. 05/19/2003
1000.00 24962824947
via Michaud for Congress

From the National Leadership PAC (Rangel's PAC)

Michaud, Michael H. 08/27/2002 5000.00 22992212772
via Michaud for Congress
Michaud, Michael H. 06/04/2004 5000.00 24991220515
via Michaud for Congress

According to the ethics charges, Rangel was committing some of his alleged violations during the time he was donating this money to Congressman Michaud raising the question if Mike Michaud doesn't have to be held accountable because it happened a few years ago, does he believe Rangel does? The Maine Congressman has since been silent on the issue.

"The philosophy of 'eh, it was a while ago' is very disturbing for a Congressman's office. The lack of accountability and responsibility in Washington is one of our greatest problems and one of the greatest complaints for the public," said Levesque. "Congressman Charlie Rangel has been accused of violating the very laws he and Mike Michaud are writing. While he was donating to Mike Michaud he was reportedly not paying his taxes, illegally using rent-controlled apartments in NYC, and not declaring income and property as required by law. Does that timeline here matter in the ethics charges as Congressman Michaud thinks it should matter in the returning of tainted money?"

Jason also called for Michaud to return the money earlier this week, and no response came from the Michaud for Congress Campaign. So to date, there has been no comment has to whether he has decided to return the tainted cash or keep it since it's 'already been spent.'

"It is time to end the buddy system of corruption and protection plaguing our nation's most solemn House. Congressman Michaud has voted 96% of the time with Nancy Pelosi and his party leadership. His votes have been what are best for his party and its special interests. Keeping this tainted donation, not returning it as so many of his colleagues have, make me wonder yet again, who is Mike Michaud representing and in Washington--His own interests or ours?"

Alicia Preston

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