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M Stevens-David
M. Stevens-David Review: "Different Coins in the Fountain" by Carlos Cornejo
By Martha Stevens-David
Apr 16, 2014 - 12:15:21 AM

Upon receipt of the two volumes of "Different Coins in the Fountain," Volumes 1 & 2," I was anxious to read them and while I wasn't disappointed in the stories I was disappointed to discover that I had been sent two copies of Volume One. I surely would have loved to have read the second volume.

The promotional material for the books stated that the goal in writing these stories was to entertain readers with diverse, homespun and to the point stories and that they were written as stand-alone stories for the convenience of the reader to choose the order in which to enjoy the tales.

Carlos Cornejo's idea to write his collection of short stories in two books is brilliant and these stories do take the reader all around the world because they are "set" in many different cultures.

Volume 1, contains 54 short stories. I found that this was excellent because when one story ends, the reader can easily move on to another.

I loved his work and find my mind going back to certain phrases and characters from time to time. I will treasure this volume and very happily add it to my own book collection.

Would I recommend "Different Coins in the Fountain" to others? YES!!!

Martha Stevens-David

Carlos V. Cornejo was born and raised in San Francisco, Calif. After graduating from San Francisco State University with two Master's degrees, he served in the Korean Police Action (War) in the United States Marines. When he returned, he continued his education and worked in the San Francisco Unified School District for about 40 years. His career went from teacher, counselor, administrator and finally to school superintendent. He has traveled extensively in the United States, Europe, Asia and Mexico.

"Different Coins in the Fountain"
by Carlos Cornejo
ISBN: 9781491824405
Hardcover: 376 pages
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Published October 28, 2013
Prices $22-$29.00
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