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M Stevens-David
M. Stevens-David Review: A Twist of Lyme:Battling a Disease That "Doesn't Exist" By Andrea Caesar
By Martha Stevens-David
Feb 11, 2014 - 6:07:32 AM

A Twist of Lyme:Battling a Disease That "Doesn't Exist" By Andrea Caesar is an outstanding book and I commend Dr. Joseph G. Jemsek, who wrote the forward for standing by all the patients that turned to him in their hour of need. I learned so much about this dreaded disease and was shocked to learn that it,

Lyme Disease, is most prevalent in the beautiful state of New Hampshire and that our great United States government and our medical profession has ,to date, refused to acknowledge "Lyme" as a "real" disease. I want to wish the author well because she has already been to hell and back with her illness.

The story begins with a little girl, age eleven, and she tells of all the weird and strange feelings she is experiencing and which nobody has an answer for. And her story continues throughout the years and it, due to her then undefined illness, illustrates how very terrible this illness can be.

I, as the reader cannot simply tell you of how horrible Lyme disease can be, but this young woman has the ability to describe and define all the various twists and turns this monster takes as it makes its destructive way through her body.

Experiencing this illness would have made any sane person wish to end it all.

Because "Lyme Disease" really is here, every citizen should read this book and be aware of what this horrible affliction can do to the human body.

Martha Stevens-David

About the author and the Book:

"This is not a medical book written by a doctor. It's not a collection of poems or pictures. It's a real-time account of the day-to-day life of someone being treated for Lyme -- the good, the bad, the ugly, and even the gross. I hope Lyme patients will feel less alone after reading this book and their loved ones, who often cannot understand the psychological aspects of the disease, will begin to come around." - Andrea Caesar. For more information, visit .

A Twist of Lyme explores:

  • A 28 year struggle with undiagnosed chronic illness
  • Mental and physical symptoms of chronic Lyme disease
  • The skepticism and disparagement from doctors
  • Finding hope in diagnosis and meeting Dr. Joseph Jemsek
  • Undergoing Lyme treatment and the toll it takes on the body
  • Facing a serious illness with grace, humor, and determination

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