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Sale of the Katahdin region mill properties
By Newswire
Sep 18, 2011 - 12:05:32 AM

Congressman Mike Michaud, a former papermaker at Great Northern Paper in East Millinocket, issued the following statement in reaction to the news of the sale of the Katahdin region mill properties:

  • "We have a proud tradition of papermaking in the region that has been around since my father and grandfather worked in the mills. So many in this region have worked hard to bring it back, and despite the sale and the announcement of hires, there are many that remain without work. While this isn't a solution to all of our challenges, it's clearly an important and positive step in the right direction that we can work to build on moving forward. I'd like to thank the Maine Legislature and the Governor for their support of the landfill legislation that helped pave the way for this purchase."

Since January, Michaud has remained in constant contact with state, local, and federal officials to do everything he can to make sure that papermaking in the region continued. In April, Michaud spoke on the House floor about the situation surrounding the paper mills in the Katahdin region and the need for the U.S. to support a national manufacturing strategy and a new trade policy that focuses on the needs of domestic workers and businesses. In June he encouraged the Maine Senate to pass LD 1567, which authorized the state to take action on the landfill in the town of East Millinocket.

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