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New Twist to LaVallee Davidson Case
By Christian Civic League of Maine
Dec 29, 2009 - 12:11:25 AM

The case of the alleged killer of South Portland resident Fred Wilson took a strange turn in October when the attorney for the accused suggested his client may plead not guilty by reason of temporary insanity. In papers filed with the Superior Court in Portland, Davidson's attorney stated that the accused killer may be suffering from dementia caused by a long-term incurable illness. The claim of temporary insanity raises the prospect that Davidson may be acquitted and released after a brief stay at a treatment facility

The death of Fred Wilson played an unexpected role in the debate over same sex marriage in Maine, after Davidson appeared with his partner "Buck" at the hearing on same sex marriage in Augusta on April 22nd. During the testimony, Davidson claimed that he and Buck were "already married in the eyes of God." Four days earlier, Davidson allegedly shot and killed Wilson after a night of drug and alcohol -fueled debauchery. Video of Davidson's testimony was used to promote the same sex marriage law, until it was revealed that Davidson was an alleged killer - at which point the video was quickly taken off the Internet.

The former director of the Christian Civic League, Mike Heath, commented later on his blog that Davidson's testimony on behalf of same sex marriage was incomprehensible in view of the crime Davidson had just committed.

Curiously, Fred Wilson's home in South Portland was less than a third of a mile from the home of Senator Larry Bliss, a former gay activist who chaired the hearing at the Augusta Civic Center. It is not known if Bliss knew of the shooting by the time of the hearing, but Augusta police were aware that Davidson was present at the Civic Center.

Leather Museum
Bliss, Davidson, and Wilson are all originally from California, and Davidson, like Bliss, worked in the field of education. After investigating the story, The RECORD learned that Wilson was a supporter of the Leather Museum and Archives and a member of the Harbor Masters, a Portland-based group dedicated to promoting the perversion of sadomasochism. This discovery confirmed the conjecture that Wilson's death was related to sadomasochistic practices.

Davidson's trial is scheduled to begin January 8th in Superior Court in Portland.

By the Staff of The Christian Civic League of Maine
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