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Letters Home
By Mark Bigge
May 27, 2010 - 5:13:39 PM

Letter from Eleanor Roosevelt about Millinocket's Navy Mothers Service Club.
A recent discovery of letters sent home during WWII is evolving into an opportunity to embrace correspondence from those that have served our country. These letters are cherished documents of our hometown men and women that detail their thoughts and personal stories during WWII.


The evolution of this exhibit will eventually encompass other wars and the experiences of those that answered the call. Millinocket is home to an impressive war memorial, but it is the letters to the families left behind and the stories of those soldiers that needs to live on.

Our efforts to build the Central St. museum are progressing at an impressive rate. The volunteerism and generosity that have moved this project thus far is outstanding, but the journey is not over. Our goal to be able to display these artifacts greatly depends on the continued support of those that have brought this project as far as it has.

The Millinocket Historical Society website has additional information about its projects.

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