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Thanks for the Morning Star and the Memories
By Michael E. Allen
Jan 15, 2008 - 8:06:04 PM

Recently while researching a few places in Northern New England, I decided while I was at it to search for information about the Katahdin area and, more specifically, Patten. I wasn't sure as to what I'd find but I did find was your Magic City Morning Star.

While perusing I came upon a few articles written by Mr. D.R. Crews and his relationship with the town of Patten in the late 60s. It brought quite the smile to my face. I began to look at his photos and thought back to a time also of the mid to late 60s when I wanted to visit Patten as well.
I grew up in Middletown, Rhode Island. Each summer a brother and sister would come to their aunt and uncles and spend the summer on "our Island". I was awestruck and knocked for a loop at the sight of this Maine girl. We began to exchange letters and in fact I would write while she was IN Middletown knowing that when she left she'd receive them when she returned home. A hopeless romantic I suppose you could say.
As I browsed the photos I came upon one that I believed to be her taken back in that time period and copied the entire page and sent it to the aunt and uncle living in Middletown. The aunt grew up in the Patten area and I thought that she might find this interesting. I would not wish to embarrass the "young lady" in the photo by mentioning her name. It has been literally decades. But it brought a smile to my middle aged face and thoughts of a time that can be best reflected to the poem, of the thoughts of youth for they will always be just that ... thoughts - but they are nice places to return many years later.
Thanks for the opportunity. Wonderful information and interesting paper.
Sincerely yours,

Michael E. Allen

Michael, thank you for writing. It's always nice to know that people are reading us, and that we're serving a purpose. I'm sure that David Crews will read your comments here as well, and be pleased with them. -- Ken Anderson

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