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Regarding T.C. Spencer's article
By R.P. BenDedek
Jan 17, 2010 - 12:15:17 AM

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On January 14th I published T.C. Spencer's article entitled: 'I am happy with what my people have created'. After reading it, I penned off a letter to the person who forwarded it to Magic City Morning Star News. What started as a quick acknowledgement of the merits of the article, turned into my angst over those who seek to destroy culture in the name of political correctness. The letter is as follows.

It captures the essence of the stupidity of political correctness and of the BENDING OVER so I and my culture can be right royally screwed.

Just the other day I saw a comment in the newspaper about how Australians HAVE NO CULTURE.

How wrong can they be. I was around 28 years old when I discovered that things which I took for granted as Australian, were wholly unknown to other Australians.

I grew up with a culture that was inherently Australian and spoke the Australian language - dialect if you will - and had to go to school and learn English.

I can sit amidst Native English speakers from other countries - and unfortunately amidst Australians - and talk to family in a wholly unknown language to those around.

They hear English but have no idea what it means. I grew up on poetry that was Australian. A fair proportion of Australians today have no idea what the song Waltzing Matilda is about.

Waltzing is not waltzing and Matilda is not a woman. Jolly swagmen no longer exist and a billabong is now only known as an icecream. A jumbuck is known all over the world but only by it's English name and a tucker bag defies understanding by young folk even though they may know what 'tucker' is.

That which made us different to others is now called 'base culture'; Unenlightened and common. Thank God I am a common man. I have more Marxist societal values in my commonality than in my intellectualism.

Violence is commonplace in Australia and so is intolerance, and the government is encouraged to pour more money into educating people how to behave. But it was the enlightened ones who first taught us to ignore our cultural values. 'Give 'em a fair go' is as Australian as Kangaroos, but no one 'gives anyone a fair go' today. We are all too filled with our own self importance.

My father paid cash for everything in his life except his house. For that he had a mortgage. When others complained that immigrants we getting rich quick in Australia, he would say, maybe if we worked as hard and had the same family ethics and values, we could do as well.

Today, our hardest work is making sure we get the handouts, and while our society spends it's time doing it's best to make sure WE don't upset the immigrants with OUR CULTURE, people like the Chinese simply refuse to change anything that does not suit them to change, just because the foreigner expects it.

O.M.G. I think I'll use this as a follow up to T.C. Spencer's article.

And I did!

R.P. BenDedek


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