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Open Letter to Kennebec Journal.
By Fritz Spencer
Nov 9, 2010 - 12:17:54 AM

Sent to the Editor of the Kennebec Journal

Dear Editor:
On the day before the Gubernatorial election, the KJ ran the most offensive editorial cartoon I have ever seen. It was even worse than your cartoon showing Mike Heath bearing the cross during Holy Week. The cartoon shows a Tea Party member in colonial garb attacking Lady Liberty in the shower.

Sigmund Freud claimed we blame others for the same mental fault or physical defect that troubles us most.

The Tea Party is not trying to kill Lady Liberty. The Tea Party is trying desperately to defend her. Tea Party rallies are made up for the most part by men and women who have made sacrifices for their nation -- some great, some small.

Your newspaper, however, carries out a never-ending assault on Amercan values, whether through multiculturalsim, support for gay marriage, big government, or the diversity agenda.

To reverse these precious symbols of America -- to portray Lady Liberty as a naked, vulnerable woman under attack by a colonial soldier is beyond perverse and anti-American. It is a manifestation of pure evil.

Please use these symbols as they were intended, that is, as representations of light, goodness, and honor, not darkness and a twisted political agenda.

In addition, please apologize to the people of Maine for your own vulgar insult against Lady Liberty, and to all women in general.

Fritz Spencer

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