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Obama Wears an Empty Suit
By William Fankboner
Nov 13, 2010 - 12:23:40 AM

Conservatives continually complain that they cannot figure out who Barak Obama is or what he stands for. Why not accept the obvious: He doesn't stand for anything. He is a blatant opportunist who campaigned as a centrist and when elected took a hard turn to the far left. Why? Because he has no imagination and the Left provided him with a panoply of prepared issues and causes he didn't have to think about.

Obama is neither a good man nor a bad man. He is simply a cipher, a man devoid of conviction. There is something wanting in Mr. Obama, that essential, indispensable component of our humanity that separates true leaders from mere demagogues. Who would have guessed that beneath all his inspirational rhetoric and electrifying eloquence he was hollow to the core?

William Fankboner
Indio, California

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