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Left-leaning direction of the Christian Civic League of Maine
By Fritz Spencer / Donald Violette
Feb 1, 2011 - 5:35:31 AM

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Editorial Comment: This article was provided by Fritz Spencer with the following disclaimer:

I have the author's permission to publish the following letter about the current left-leaning direction of the Christian Civic League of Maine.

The following is a letter critical of the current direction of the Christian Civic League of Maine.

Dear Mr. Conley and Christian Civic League of Maine Board Members,

My heart sank when I read what Dan Ohlson wrote in his article entitled, The Future of the Pro-Family Movement (Oct. 2010). When he said the pro-family movement needs to "offer a more encompassing message that can build new coalitions and bring support from people and groups with which it has not typically aligned itself," I began to get very suspicious. And then he had the nerve to say "this means refusing to demoralize gay and lesbian people, but instead treating them with dignity and respect, and looking for areas of common ground where we might work together, like responsibly caring for God's creation." Then my suspicion left, and I came to the conclusion that the Christian Civic League has been subverted by Marxist and antichrist forces.

I always knew that this league did some compromising of moral principles, but now I call it anti-Christ and anti-family. Following are some reasons why I say this.

1. Christians should not be offering "a more all-encompassing message." Instead, we should be offering undiluted moral truth as made known perfectly in the Bible. We need to get more biblical, more narrow, and more exact in our message, and less all-encompassing.

2. Should we be building "new coalitions" with just anybody? Mr. Ohlson did not get specific as to the new people and groups they would bring support from and align with, but it does not take much discernment to guess. It almost certainly means yoking up with compromisers of moral truth.

3. The Bangor Daily News is quite approving of the fact that "the organization is ready to change course." When you have a leftist, anti-family, anti-American, anti-Christ "news" organization like the Bangor Daily News giving the Christian Civic League a good review, you know the League is on a bad course.

4. The League wants to refuse to "demoralize gay and lesbian people." First of all, Mr. Ohlson needs to speak real English instead of slang. In real English, to be gay means to be lively, merry, jovial, showy, or bright. In slang, it means to be licentious or homosexual. Should Christians be following the lead of bad people by starting to talk like them?

Secondly, the Bible calls Christians to love (promote the well-being of) all people, including all sinners and even unnatural sinners. A big part of helping sinners is to point out their sin. If God condemns all sin (and gets specific in doing so) in order to induce sinners to repent and receive His Son, so must we do the same?

Any organization that refuses to straight-forwardly condemn the practice of homosexual activity is anti-family, anti-Christ, and anti-American, notwithstanding their claim to be otherwise. Those who truly care about homosexuals will tell the truth about how criminal and abominable their actions are. Only this kind of plain dealing will serve to awaken them and lead them to turn to Christ for salvation and help.

5. The League wants to now treat those who commit unmentionable acts of immorality "with dignity and respect."


Have the leaders of this league been brainwashed, or what?!

According to the Bible, morally upright people are worthy of more dignity and respect than adulterers, fornicators, thieves, liars, and sexual deviants. Proof of this is that God will exclude these sinners and all sinners from Heaven (1 Corinthians 6:9-11.)

We are to do good to all men but especially unto those who are the household of faith. We are to fellowship with those who do right and have no fellowship with open sinners ( 2 Corinthians 6:14-17; 2 Thessalonians 3:6; 2 Timothy 3:1-5). We are to encourage and approve of those who do good and we are to reprove and separate from those who do wrong. ( 2 Timothy 3:1-5; 2 Thessalonians 3:14,15). We are to promote people of high moral character to positions of trust and not allow these positions to be filled with immoral people.

Although we ought to give all people due dignity and respect, morally upright people are deserving of more dignity and respect that the immoral. This is common sense. Would you hire an open homosexual to baby-sit your children, or to teach them in school, or to be a coach who must spend time in the locker room, or make laws for our state, or be in charge of Fannie Mae or Freddy Mac?

Since America's inception, sodomites and lesbians have never been treated with more dignity and respect than they are now. You would think that they would be satisfied with their "progress." But no, they want even more rights and more respect and more dignity! They want us to convert and start accepting them as they are in their open sin. And the Christian Civic League wants to give them more dignity and respect. Outrageous! I wonder if Mike Heath (who deserves to be applauded for exposing the perverts in our State government) is being treated with as much dignity and respect as the sodomites and lesbians.

6. The League wants to look for areas of common ground with these immoral people "like responsibly caring for God's creation." This sounds like the League wants to "work together" with the Communists and the children of the devil. The Leftist subverters are using the so-called causes of "caring for God's creation," or promoting equality, of "gay" rights, of caring for children, of helping the family, of helping the poor, of women's rights, of criminals' rights, etc., to tax us to death, to enslave us, to bring in the New World Order, and to destroy all free nations.

7. The League is linking up with James Dobson and Focus on the Family, which is very disturbing. Mr. Dobson is regularly promoting feminism, bashing men, using women to teach men, undermining the Authorized Version, refusing to tell wives to submit to their own husbands in everything (Ephesians 5:24), representing Roman Catholics as true Christians, allowing for divorce and remarriage in some cases, fueling the practice of mothers going off to work, and discouraging the rod in disciplining children. And this man is pro-family?

I know that God does not see this man as such. I have every reason to believe that Dobson is an apostate and Communist sympathizer. Since he started Focus on the Family in the 1980s, the general state of the American family has declined a whole lot. His books are laced with unscriptural ideas.

8. The League has women on the Board of Directors, which is a clear violation of divine precepts. Read Numbers 30; 1 Corinthians 11:3, 14:33-35; 1 Timothy 2:11-14. Please read the enclosed paper Women's Suffrage. The mere act of putting women on a board of directors with men as underlings is a sin against God. It also undermines the family, deprives husbands (the best protectors of wives) of rights, and leads women astray. You may as well stop praying to God while you are in this moral condition, because He will not hear you. The face of the Lord is against those who do evil (1 Peter 3:12).

If I have misrepresented the League in any way, or if I have taught any error, please let me know. I hope I am wrong in most of what I have said about the League -- but I fear I am right. I would appreciate a response, because if I do not get one, I will take it that you folks are settled in your evil course. Too much is at stake. Homosexuals are running this state, and no one can honestly deny it.

When we attempt to wisely reprove sinners and point out their sin and its enormity, we are acting in love and grace. I believe the Christian Civic League of Maine is lacking true love and grace. What I see happening with the League is that you folks are being converted by the homosexuals instead of the homosexuals being converted to Christianity by you.

I urge you to read the enclosed material and make some changes in line with Scripture.

With prayers and love for the people of Maine,

Donald Violette,
Old Paths Bible Church

© Copyright 2002-2014 by Magic City Morning Star

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