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John 'J' not John 'E' Walsh.
By John J. Walsh
Feb 3, 2010 - 12:21:47 AM

I've only been writing for Magic City Morning Star News for a short time now and it certainly has been fun, and I do appreciate those 'few' people who have written to me telling me that they like my writing style.

But it was not until the other day that I received an email from someone thinking that I was that John Walsh from Fox News.

So I thought I would drop a line just to let you all know that I am not John Edward Walsh from Fox News. I am John J. Walsh, a relative nobody. John 'E' Walsh was born in America (check out wikipedia), whereas I was born in Ireland, did some growing up in Australia, and have for many years now lived in the good old U.S. of A.

I originally came to Magic City Morning News through the 'Big Ben's' Kingscalendar Website, and since my first little piece have read a lot of what is on offer here.

I find a lot of interesting material to read and particularly like the variety of articles written by Martha Stevens-David. She's a wiley one isn't she? A real character as they say!

It goes without saying that I have read a number of articles by the Rev Swank as well as those of Mr. Fabiano. Mr. Tellis - God bless his soul - has even sent me some interesting material to read. Much appreciated Mr. Tellis.

I do enjoy Mr. Ben's photographs of the day and love the jokes in the joke section. I really appreciate the time he has taken to help me out, letting me know when each article has been published, and occasionally telling me that something I've written didn't make sense.

It is such a pity that I live so far from Maine because I'm sure I would love to get to know some of the local writers.

Anyway, that's all I've got to say.

Thanks to all my readers, and please take note that I am not YET employed by Fox News, but I can always live in hope now can't I?

J.J. Walsh

John J. Walsh, a Catholic, is originally from Ireland; went to high school and university in Australia, and later moved to the U.S.A. He lives in the Midwest and is married to an American. He now has a lot of time on his hands and is taking the opportunity to see some of his musings in print. Fearing the hot blooded protestants and not wanting to reach heaven or hell faster than is God's plan, his personal email address and other particulars are not available for publication. You may however Email him c/-: johnjwalsh_magic

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