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International Terrorism Plot Filed in US Supreme Court
By Anthony Keyter
Sep 3, 2010 - 5:25:14 PM

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The United States Chief Justice, John G. Roberts, has been petitioned to administer the laws upon an unrivaled terrorism plot involving high level government and industry officials from the United States and further afield. The extensive criminal scheme proliferated from a seditious conspiracy operating for several years with impunity within the government and the courts of the United States. (See US District Court Delaware case no. 10-36; and 3rd Circuit Appeals Court case no. 10-2209). Murder charges have been filed with the US Supreme Court regarding the deaths of 158 people. Further acts of violence are known to be planned and are imminent.

Because of the involvement of senior United States government and industry officials in the criminal conspiracy, the US Courts, the Congress, and the White House, have all collaborated to suppress investigation and prosecution of the law-breaking officials implicated - in defiance of the United States Constitution and laws.

International collaborators in the broad criminal endeavor include high-ranking officials from NATO and the European Union, who have unlawfully provided safe haven and passage to the criminals. Yet other co-conspirators include officials from Air India, who have similarly enjoyed immunity from criminal prosecution in the Indian Supreme Court.

The United States Chief Justice faces the unenviable choice between fidelity to the US Constitution and laws, which requires him to administer justice upon friends in high places; or, loyalty to law-breaking colleagues in senior government positions and ensuing treason against the United States. His sanctioning of the violent activities of the international group, by willful neglect of his official duties, will clearly assist domestic and foreign enemies of the United States to escape justice.

In many ways the actions (or inaction) of the United States Chief Justice in the case constitutes a significant test of the American system of justice and democracy.

Anthony P. Keyter
Fax (253) 851-1108.

The covering letter accompanying the US Supreme Court 'Petition' is below.
The 'Petition' itself may be found here.
Further information relating to the terrorism plot may be found on the website under 'Pertinent Cases'.

August 17, 2010

Chief Justice John G. Roberts
U.S. Supreme Court
One, First Street NE
Washington, D.C. 20543-0001

Dear Justice Roberts,

Petition for Administration of the Laws In Re International Terrorism Plot: (3rd Circuit Appeals Court Case No. 10-2209; US District Court Delaware, Case No. 10-36)

Enclosed find for your peremptory action, a 'Petition for the Administration of the Laws', concerning a virulent 'International Terrorism Plot' against the United States. This Affidavit / Criminal Complaint is filed with you directly because of the profound corruption in the US Courts, in the Executive, and in the Congress, in dealing with this criminal conspiracy involving numerous government officials. As Chief Justice you are obligated under the Constitution and the laws to see to the administration of justice upon the subversive conspirators.

The international terrorist conspiracy originated from an extensive insurrection against the laws, and a seditious conspiracy operating for several years with impunity within the government and the courts of the United States. The murder of 158 people is attributable to the terrorist conspiracy and a plot to murder a US Supreme Court litigant and witness to the terrorism is active and ongoing. You have previously been advised of these subversive acts in my correspondence and in several Supreme Court cases which have in vain attempted to address the criminal endeavor. Those Supreme Court cases, which remain open and pending because of the judicial fraud and other crimes committed in them, are:

1. United States vs. 14,164 Seditious Conspirators - case # not assigned.
2. [United States of America] vs. 111th Congress - case # not assigned.
3. [United States of America] vs. Justices of US Supreme Court - case # not assigned.
4. [United States of America] vs. Pres. Obama and Cabinet - case # not assigned.

Anthony P. Keyter vs. Boeing, Ford, and Air India - case # not assigned.
Anthony P. Keyter vs. George W. Bush - case # 05-140
Anthony P. Keyter vs. Senator John McCain, et al - case # 06-1069
Anthony P. Keyter vs. 230 Government Officers - case # 06-284.
Anthony P. Keyter vs. Maureen E. Keyter - case # not assigned.

Thus far the federal courts have chosen to protect the lawbreaking government officials implicated, from criminal prosecution. The courts have simply refused to administer the laws of the United States upon the criminal endeavor, refused to issue arrest warrants, and refused to appoint a prosecutor in the matter. In the light of their obstruction and denial of justice you are obligated to appoint a special prosecutor, to issue those arrest warrants upon the terrorist conspirators, and to refer the cases for trial. Further neglect on your part to address the subversion will provide aid and comfort to the enemies of the United States and will assist them to escape justice. Such aid to America's enemies constitutes treason against the United States for which the punishment is severe indeed. That you know.

The collaboration of the Courts, the Congress, and the Executive, to suppress the terrorism plot and seditious conspiracy within the government, and thereby to provide impunity to some 15,000 law-breaking government officials, serves to demonstrate the failure of the system of justice and governance of the United States. The collaboration between all three branches of government to deny the American public Constitutional rights to 'protection of the laws', clearly shows the fatal flaws, indeed the collapse, of the American model of democracy, as instituted by the "founding fathers" of the United States of America in the years 1776-1788.

I await your appointment of a special prosecutor and your administration of the laws in this watershed Supreme Court criminal case concerning the safety and welfare of the American people - or, your ultimate act in defiance of the US Constitution and laws, on behalf of a profoundly lawless US government.

Anthony Keyter

Encl: 'Petition for Administration of the Laws In Re International Terrorism Plot', dated August 17, 2010. Appendices 1-6, including the 'Dossier of Crimes' dated 6.26.10.

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