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In Defense of Reason
By Tim Donnelly
May 1, 2005 - 6:00:00 PM

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I am writing to defend our governor who recently praised the Minuteman Project for doing the job the American government does not have the will to do. He has been roundly criticized in the LA Times among others for standing up for the law and those who still have respect for it.

None of the newspapers bothered to call an average citizen or God forbid, a Minuteman for a comment.

Everyone who pays taxes in southern California, whether Republican or Democrat, conservative or liberal can see that this is not about race, it is not about scapegoating, it is not about xenophobia, and it is not about whatever word the ethnic hustlers parading as “human rights activists” have come up with this week to silence “we the people.”

This is about the rule of law, it is about sovereignty, it is about citizenship and frankly, it’s about time.

It has been far too long since “we the people” had any say in our immigration policy.

Americans of all races must unite behind the red, white and blue and fight for reason. Enough attacks by groups that openly advocate on behalf of only “one race” at the expense of all races of Americans. Their cause is not the cause of liberty, their cause is not the cause of mankind, their cause is the same tired cause of all tyrants, to wrest the power away from “the people” in order to force-feed California and then American their own agenda.

And if we are really honest in this much-needed political debate, isn’t the “open-borders, pro-Mexico” lobby really advocating treason? I know that sounds extreme, at first, but let’s take a deeper look:

The lobbying wing of Vincente Fox’s government now includes almost every “Latino” politician in California. And they are not fighting for the American Latino who was born here or was naturalized (i.e. US citizen), who may lose his job to the illegal alien, they are fighting for their so-called “constituents” who have yet to cross the border. If fighting exclusively for the “rights” of foreigners who are unlawfully invading our country at rate of somewhere between 1 and 3 million per year, at the expense of citizens is not treason, then I can think of no appropriate use of the word in the 21st century.

This is an economic war.

On one side you have, the US government, the Mexican government, the ethnic hustlers, big business, and the human rights brigade. The so-called “Latino or Hispanic” activists are pushing for open borders so that poor Mexicans and Central Americans can have a “better life”. That much they tell you openly and most Americans have been sort of shamed into “looking the other way” out of an abundance of compassion.

By allowing the nation of Mexico, in particular, to export 10% of it’s population in the past decade, we have unwittingly enabled our southern neighbor to become addicted to this solution (now it is their number one source of revenue), while American business aided by “compassion” brokers and politicians have become addicted to a cheap labor force.

On the other side, you have the average American citizen, standing alone, sullenly paying the bill.

He is so busy trying to make ends meet that he has no time to notice that his job has been undermined, his wages depressed, his citizenship sold out, and all he hears from his government is they need more money to keep his hospital open and his local school from going broke. He cannot understand why his government rewards illegal behavior because he believes playing “by the rules”. This guy is so naïve, he tells his kids, “cheaters never win and winners never cheat.” There are two things he does not abide, one is a cheat and the other is a liar.

It is this guy who has been betrayed.

No one stands up for him anymore. No one defends or even acknowledges his “rights”. It is as if he exists solely to pay the bill for the "protected class" of lawbreaking aliens and lawbreaking businesses who are allowed and even encouraged to break the law with impunity by a government too corrupt or confused to enforce these particular laws. Mind you, the government has no problem enforcing the law against you and I if we fail to pay our taxes or a speeding ticket. It is only certain laws and certain people who are exempt from enforcement.

When our average Joe American wonders aloud why half his child’s class is being taught in Spanish, no one answers, except to throw the occasional “R” word out to shut him up. When he finally remembers that Proposition 227, voted in by a super-majority of “the people” became the law of the state in 1998, he is finally told the truth: your vote does not count in a land where the rule of law is a thing of the past.

When the elected officials refuse to enforce the law at every level of government, it is those who obey the law, that are disenfranchised.

“Taxation without representation” was the rallying cry of the original Minutemen.

If you are tired of being angry and tired of feeling alone and tired of remaining silent while our republic is undermined and the rule of law is eroded, then join your local chapter of the Minuteman Project and activate your citizenship. Use it or lose it. Put up or shut up.

As Abraham Lincoln once reminded his fellow citizens, “the occasion is  piled high with difficulty and we must rise to the occasion.”


Tim Donnelly
California Minuteman
Twin Peaks, California

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