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Everyone is a philosopher?
By Wm. B. Fankboner
Jan 14, 2011 - 12:07:11 AM

Have you heard the talking heads and news anchors pontificating about the Giffords shooting? According to them it's America's rancorous political rhetoric and partisan climate of hate that prompted the assassin to resort to violence.

Bullocks, as the Brits say. This assumes Jerrod Loughner was sane enough to be aware of these atmospherics and even had political views. Loughner was about as political as a fungus. Why did he do it? You don't want to know, i.e. you don't want to snorkel around in the toxic swamp and drug-addled confusion of this creature's deranged mind.

According to one of the leading political gurus, Joe Scarborough, this tragedy means we've got to tone down our overheated political rhetoric. Meaning, Joe solemnly tells us, Glenn Beck can no longer call Obama a socialist!

Thanks, Joe! That's all we needed: more political correctness. The theory of political correctness is that we don't have the right to be wrong. That's going to put a lot of talking heads out of business.

Wm. B. Fankboner

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