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Complaint about Magic City Anti-Male Joke
By Joe Maerkle / R.P. BenDedek
Mar 1, 2010 - 1:10:40 AM

A reader has sent a letter regarding the 'Entertainment' article: What Men Want Women to Know.

Mr. Maerkle writes:

  • Because I'm a Man, I must put up with an endless attack on my character, that includes being lazy, dirty, unable or unwilling tohelp out in any way, and, apparently, hating my Mother. Because I'm a Man, if I made a list like this about Women, I'd immediately be labelled sexist. And it damn sure wouldn't show up in any paper.

Joe Maerkle

BenDedek's Reply:

I totally understand your sentiment and for the most part agree with it. Men have been victims of politically correct Feminist thinking for way too long. Throughout my writings I oppose both Political Correctness and Feminazism.

Having said that however, I still like jokes and can laugh at anything.

I laugh at both sexist anti-female jokes and anti-male jokes. For instance, just today I received an email from a woman that contained this:


    Two women were sitting together, quietly. Boom boom!!

What a wonderful joke!

When however, anti-male sentiments are being discussed as an allegedly 'deserving or serious' subject matter, it is no laughing matter at all. The reason, as you rightly point out, is that no complaints made by men are ever justifiable, whilst feminists have an excuse and justification for simply every fault, failing or action, and when all else fails, they retreat to 'victim' status.

The day we men can be given equality with women will be a day of great victory for 'man'kind.

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