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Canadian Cry for Help - Letter to the Editor
By Brian Bradley
Jun 18, 2011 - 1:17:33 AM

Over the past 16 years this Canadian veteran has been forced by the unlawful decisions of the VRAB (Veterans Review and Appeal Board; a division of Veterans Affairs) to bring 'motions' to the Fed. Ct. (Trial Division, ref. #'s T-157-98; T-2137-99; T-67-03; T-401-05 & T-617-09; see the ...really-pay hyperlink at signature block) in an attempt to force the government of Canada to pay the disability pension benefits that this Applicant seeks.  In 5 (including the last 2) out of 6 rulings by the Fed. Ct., this matter has been referred back to the VRAB (i.e., ruled in favour of this veteran).  As in another instance (refer to Fed. Ct. case# T-2137-99), this veteran is left waiting while the VRAB stall and do nothing towards recognizing their obligations to this veteran (and all other veterans of the Canadian Forces and Mounted Police).

While awaiting for something called the actual service of justice, this Applicant has also been denied (over the past 5-6 years) disability pension benefits by the CPP group .... with this second unlawful dept. using the same unfounded 'excuses' that the VRAB used (and which resulted in the rulings against the VRAB).  I recently received a ruling of the Fed. Ct. which essentially denied me the right to bring this matter before them in my search of justice ..... thus extending and amplifying this exercise in futility for this veteran ..... along with that of far too many other veterans like him.

If this is the manner in which the government of Canada treats the men and women who have placed their lives on the line for that same government in local and foreign theatres of conflict, how must one believe that that same government is treating the remainder of the Canadian citizens such as you and your family members?

I have contacted Legal Aid AB, Legal Guidance Calgary, and a half dozen other organizations in my search for justice (not to mention in excess of 400 solicitors in the Calgary, Alberta and other Canadian provinces), and have yet to find a solicitor willing to act on a 'pro bono' basis in representing this Applicant's claims with the Canadian government departments concerned.  While such an effort requires an exceptional level of honesty and integrity, where can I find such an 'animal'?  Do you have what it takes?

Brian Bradley

Calgary, AB, Canada T2W 3M4


Editorial Comment: The Author of this letter wished to draw attention to his plight and so his letter has been published. He provided two googlesites links but I have no access to these in China so cannot check them out. They are:

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