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Assisting Editor is on the Road
By R.P.BenDedek
Jan 17, 2010 - 3:05:51 AM

The Assisting Editor is currently on the road in Australia and there may be some difficulties with publishing Magic City Morning Star News.

Travelling from Baotou in Inner Mongolia to Beijing, then to Hong Kong and then to Brisbane has certainly proved a challenge to publishing on time but I did manage it.

One reason is that I prepared many articles in advance and had them sitting in the article manager just waiting for the push of the right buttons. Unfortunately that also meant that if I could not access the internet, then the buttons never got pushed, which is why today has many articles whilst yesterday had only one.

As from tomorrow things should get a little easier but that is not guaranteed. Those writers who have sent articles in the last couple of days, pleased be advised that it will take me time to set them up in the article manager.

Martha Stevens-David has sent in some Children's stories for publication and that should prove interesting for regular readers since children stories are not what she usually publishes at magic city.

Please continue to send in your articles, letter and photographs to me c/- and I promise that as soon as I can I will both reply and publish your material.

I want to thank everyone who has written personal emails to me for all the encouragement that they have given me and for the 'extra' contributions that they have made.

I also hope that our Editor shall be fit to return to duty soon. I wish him a speedy recovery from his illness!

Thank you to all Magic City Morning Star News supporters, writers and of course our readers.

Best Wishes

R.P. BenDedek (Filling in for Ken Anderson)

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