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Opinion Piece A Poorly Disguised Bit of Personal Animosity
By Bob Emrich
Aug 26, 2010 - 2:45:49 PM

The opinion article "Is the Pope Catholic?" by Romulus (Aug 22, 2010) is a very poorly disguised bit of personal animosity that should be dealt with privately rather than sowing discord in such a public fashion.

He is about as believable as the story of his namesake, who was supposedly raised by a wolf before becoming the king of Rome. The careful twisting of words, phrases and even events is a sad reflection of the mischievous attitude of the author.

Setting aside his animosity would enable him to see that Carroll Conley is a good man trying to find ways to speak the truth in love, according to the commandment of Scripture. He is not willing to sacrifice either, and I applaud him for that.

Change is hard for some people to accept but division and false accusations are no help.

You are not alone, Mr. Conley. I have also been a target for Romulus and can tell you that he is a toothless lion. Do not be dismayed by his noise.

Bob Emrich

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