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Kenneth Tellis

Why a Kebecois/Canadien Cardinal must not become POPE
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Feb 17, 2013 - 12:35:04 AM

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Last week Stephen Colbert stated very flippantly on his show that he did not want a Canadian to become Pope yet. But, Stephen Colbert was not aware that he was right on target.

Many years ago the Archbishop of Durban, South Africa was denounced for what was claimed his leanings towards apartheid, without a shred of evidence to back it up.

In the case of Kebec's two cardinals, Jean-Claude Cardinal Turcotte and Marc Cardinal Ouellett their leanings towards discrimination is not hidden at all. When Shaman Catholic priests in Kebec have openly said that they would not permit the Holy Mass to be said in ENGLISH in their churches neither of the cardinals took action against those priests. Being Kebecois both the cardinals acted as if no damage or insult was being done to the Catholics of the English-speaking community, because both were following the RACIAL side rather than the religious side of the issue, and thus avoided going against the priests who were of their own Metis race.

Since the Greek word KATHOLICOS means UNIVERSAL and the Roman Catholic Church has declared itself to be the Universal church, both Kebecois Cardinals are in violation of the very tenets of the churches teachings. Having taken their stand on RACE rather than religion both these Cardinals cannot be included in the list of Cardinals to be chosen for the Holy Office of the Papacy.

Well since both the Kebecois Cardinals have not acted in defending the Catholic Faith or Christian Charity neither of them is entitled to become Pope. The choice was theirs to make and they made the wrong choice in avoiding following the teachings of the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. Now they can join their racist brethren in the Parti Kebecois and be satisfied.

Perhaps both these cardinals forgot Y'Shua's (Jesus Christ's) words: Give unto Caesar what is Caesars, and unto God what is God's! As both these cardinal chose to mix religion with politically charged racism, which are certainly not a healthy mix.

Je me souviens!

Kenneth T. Tellis

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Kenneth Tellis
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