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Kenneth Tellis

What really gave birth to the American psyche was their history
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Dec 10, 2013 - 12:10:27 AM

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Perhaps many of us do not ever consider how history and experience developed the American soul, it was this spirit of self-reliance and independence that created a people that could stand up against all odds and win.

While American colonials clung to the mother country because they were a dependent people, they developed as an independent people who governed themselves through elected assemblies and enacted laws in their provinces. But, their greatest experience came through the battles between the British and French empires for the conquest of North America. From the rape and murder first foisted on them by attacks from the French and their Indian allies Schenectady, New York in the 1690's to the raids on small hamlets, villages and towns in the New England. For the French and their Indian allies their raids, in which many people in New England lost many of their loved ones to the rape, savagery, and murder. But add to this, the kidnapping of their women children by the Franco-Amerindians, and Indian Allies who were then sold as slaves in the slave market in Montreal, New France was an experience that was etched on their souls. Bur they continued on with the struggle to build for themselves hamlets, villages, farms and settlements to bring civilization to the America frontier. The price was very high but they still laboured on against all odds to make many of their dreams come true. All these experiences along the American frontier gave them a new sense of what it was to be a pioneer and take part in the development of North America. But all this was going to the real backbone of what was a nation in the making years in the in future.

The French and Indian Wars brought suffering right up to their doorstep, none were untouched by the murder and the savagery heaped upon the peace loving settlers by the French, the Franco-Amerindians and their Indian allies. Thus, many of these American Colonials gave their lives in defending Great Britain's interests in North America. The Provincial militias of almost all the British colonies contributed men to fight and defeat the armies of France and their Franco-Amerindian militia, plus their Indian allies who came solely for booty some from as far away as Florida.

During the last days of the battles in New France, American colonial soldiers were in the forefront of the battle lines fighting alongside British soldiers, even in the woods just outside Kebec City, where there were skirmishes with the Franco-Amerindian Militia and Indians that were defending New France from the British and American colonial forces.

But when the French and Indian Wars ended in 1760, there came the intolerable acts foisted on the American colonies by the British Parliament, which were questionable to begin with. But added to this was the greatest insult of all, the Kebec Act of June 22, 1774, which made American colonists who had bravely fought alongside their British brethren against France, second class citizens. This was the ultimate offence to the people of the 13 colonies/provinces, and they were now incensed at the thought of being treated as inferiors by Great Britain. With the American Revolution came a unity of purpose and with it came the birth of the America psyche. Now, the Americans were no longer thinking as colonials but as an independent self-governing people, who could make decisions for themselves without the mother country ever telling them what they could or could not do anymore. The die had been cast, and the American psyche had come into being.

The American journey from Jamestown to Yorktown was long and hard, but it had weathered every storm, and had come through with flying colours, and they were now indeed an Independent NATION. That was the conclusion of an idea that bonded like-minded men and women into creating the American psyche that we see today.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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Kenneth Tellis
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