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Kenneth Tellis
What is a Liberal really?
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Dec 3, 2015 - 6:57:27 AM

What is a Liberal really? It is someone who makes all kinds of promises that are never kept or honoured. They are totally dishonorable and much like a communist or Nazi.

While canvassing for the Conservative Party in the early 70's I was asked to share a certain riding with someone who claimed he was a Conservative and belonged to the party. One day we out to do some canvassing and I was told to do a section of a riding while the other person was going canvassing a few streets away. I finished my section and thought that I would give a hand to my buddy. Can you imagine the shock that I got when I found that my pseudo buddy was handing out LIBERAL literature while canvassing the other section? I immediately asked him why he was doing this. He replied, I am really a LIBERAL, and this is my way of beating the Conservatives. I told him that he had no honor. He replied, "I am Italian and we do not care about such things."

The second time I encountered something similar was from a summer student working at a Canada Post counter in a drug store. I went to mail a letter and asked the student to sell me a stamp for a local letter. He hands me two stamps to mail my letter, so I asked why I needed two stamps instead of one. He asks me, "don't you want to off the National Debt?" I asked him why I should pay the national debt, when the government incurs that debt, not I. He says "you must do your part too!" So, I said why are you not paying your part of the National Debt? He then tells me, I am a Liberal and only non-Liberals have to pay off the National Debt. I could not believe this coming from a summer student. Then it dawned on me that most of the teachers were members of a union, and they were linked to the Liberal Party. Thus the teachers were having a heyday brainwashing students under their care.

This is a typical example of the Soviet Style brainwashing being done in our educational institutions in Canada today. Boy! These people as Liberals are using our educational institutions to brainwash students to win future elections. That is what I deduced, and I am very sure that this method was used by the Liberals to win the last Federal election in Canada. So, as I see it much of the groundwork was done long before the students had reached maturity and voting age. Thus the last federal election was not kosher, but a downright walkover, because the campaign was begun long before the election began, and no one was any bit the wiser for it.

'Je me souviens!'

Kenneth T. Tellis

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