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Kenneth Tellis
What do politicians really want from the people?
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Dec 6, 2015 - 12:40:38 AM

Whether it be your Federal, Provincial/ State or Municipal politico, you can be sure that the furthest thing on their minds is your welfare, because all of them really do not give a tinkers damn about the burden that you the citizen carry by your heavy taxation alone. It really doesn't matter what political party runs for office, all they care for is what's in it for them, and damned be the taxpayers, just as long as they get their share of the loot.

Every time an election comes up, you have these self-serving politicians coming to your door, and giving you their spin, on how the donation that you make furthers the democratic process. That is of course the biggest Fairy they give, to get their hands on some of your hard earned money. To these Politicos, they are just playing a game, and whether they win or lose of no real consequence at all. Because they have enough money stashed away to still live a very comfortable life style. If they serve enough time as a representative they get a very healthy pension with a lot of perks. If they are re-elected they are still on the money train with not a worry like the average citizen.

Now going a little further into the life of the average politico. After they retire with their connections they are able to double dip, by getting named as heads of charities or other organizations, or on a board of directors. So, take a look at the political scene, and you can see why the Gravy Train is crowded.

Now let's ask, why should a retired politico get named as president of Vice President of any charity? Since they get a very good pension, they should offer their services to society gratis as a goodwill gesture, and not expect a dime. Any charity whose sole purpose is to ease the life of the average citizen, cannot afford to pay big money to presidents or Vice Presidents because by the time they payout these ex-politicos they have very little left to give out for their services to the needy of society. Thus, no retired politico should be allowed to hold any job in any charity that gives him/her another pay cheque. That job should be held by someone who has the experience, not on pension and was unemployed.

All of society including retired politicos, should not double dip, but make a contribution by offering their services to society gratis. And those with high up political connections who use them for their own advantage should be censured and ousted for their misuse of such privileges.

There, I have, I think explained my thoughts very clearly for all to understand.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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