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Kenneth Tellis
Wales' greatest gifts to Great Britain
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Nov 15, 2015 - 2:30:36 AM

Sometimes people overlook the Principality of Wales and how this little place has made a difference to the United Kingdom.

Welsh choirs have been lauded for their singing, but also the Welsh have made a very big difference to the culture of the U.K. itself.

Just listen to the Welsh nightingale Katherine Jenkins sing, and you will realize why her voice has taken the world by storm. Just listening to her sing, be it in Creel (Welsh Gaelic) or English and other languages is a joy.

Then there is the world's greatest comedian, Welsh born Leslie Townes Hope, or Bob Hope, who spent his life making all of us laugh? He was a man who had many honorary degrees but never finished school yet proved his worth to society. His achievements were legendary, and very few people could ever compare with this gifted man, who was honoured not only by his country of adoption, but by the whole world. The death of Bob Hope was a blow to the humour he expressed in every word he ever uttered. That was a very rare quality from a man who started life from a poor background, yet weathered the storm and rose to reach the heights of popularity that he did. Very few people can say that they have been lauded by their country of birth and their adopted country in such a great manner.

Then of course there is Sir Harry Secombe, the Welsh singer. Though most of his songs were religious millions were drawn by his voice, which was typical of his Welsh background. Welsh choirs are known the world over and are a delight to the ears of those who savour religious music.

All of the above were Welsh, but their service to our culture has made a very great difference in its growth, something that we should always be cognizant of, because they all gave of themselves, and served the whole world without asking for any return.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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