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Kenneth Tellis

Unbeknownst to Canadian's, Canada has its very own fifth-columnists
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Aug 13, 2014 - 12:02:51 AM

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During the dark days of the Nazi occupation of France Marshal Petain formed the German satrapy in what was called un-occupied France at its capital in Vichy, France. The sole purpose of this group of Nazi collaborators was to a better deal from the Nazi occupiers of France.

The ever present group of Fifth Columnist within Canada go by the name of a party that was partly responsible for the very birth of Canada in 1867. First they gradually infiltrated the old party and finally took control of it. Canadians still believed that it was the old party, and continued their membership in it, totally unaware that it was a wolf in sheep's clothing.

History, had repeated itself though not in the very same country. In Czechoslovakia in 1940, after the surrender of Germany, the Soviets occupied the country as part of the agreement signed by Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill at Yalta in 1945. In order to legitimize their occupation and make the Czechs think that they were ruling themselves, the Soviets held an election to formulize their hold on the country. In that election there was the Farmers Party, which was actually the Communist Party in a disguise. The Farmers Party candidate Klement Gottwald was elected, and his first move was to take over the ministry of the interior, putting the police and armed forces under his control. Under Klement Gottwald the Communist Party held sway and total control over Czechoslovakia. But there was a fly in the ointment, that fly was the Czech Prime Minister Jan Masaryk who was not a member of the Communist Party. The only option for Klement Gottwald was to get Masaryk out of the way. Gottwald planned Jan Masaryk's "suicide", and had him thrown from the eighth floor of his office in Prague. And thus Klement Gottwald took over control of Czechoslovakia.

In Canada, in 1963 the old line party, with a record of good government was infiltrated by a Fifth Columnist group of Communists and Leftists, both dedicated to making it a police state while disguising it as a democracy. The first man from this group of plotters was a man who was a Canadian diplomat who moonlighted as a courier for a Soviet Spy Ring that was operating out of the U.S. Department of State in Washington, DC. He was able to use his diplomatic status to take out stolen documents from the U.S. and hand them over directly to the Soviets. This diplomat, an agent of the Soviets went on to win a Nobel Prize for a book that he plagiarised from U.S. politician Wendell Willkie. He then joined the old line party and become Prime Minister of Canada by hiding the facts of his treasonous career.

The next to take over from the diplomat cum agent provocateur who became Canadian prime minister and also a Leftist dedicated to the destruction of Canada (who hailed from Kebec), did the country irreparable damage.

The facts as they stand are quite clear, everything was designed to weaken the country by measures that destroyed its very raison d'etre, which is what gives a nation its strength. The weaknesses of multiculturalism are multifaceted and offer nothing to strengthen a state or country but create divisions that weaken the very soul of that nation.

If the Tower of Babel itself was not possible to erect because of its linguistic divisions, how can multiculturalism and linguistic diversity do any better? So, in nation building, multicultural and multilingualism are a serious drawback and thus an exercise futility.

But, in all this the Fifth Columnist are still are work, destroying Canada from within its gates. It would seem to me that these morons have turned Canada which was once a working democracy, into a mindless experiment in something that they know absolutely nothing about. If it's not broken, please don't try to fix it!

We hear from this Leftist group/party of all the plans they have to make Canada a better country. But, the question that arises is, where is all the money for their pie-in-the-sky ideas coming from? They also promote their linguistic minority as being the real people to lead the country, but seek to remove the language rights of the majority and then have the gall to call it democracy. When the leader of that party claims that his tribe (racial group) is much smarter than the all the other groups, he is not considering himself a racist, but should anyone from another group make a similar statement, they will be accused of racism. Like or not this leader is both a racist and a snob.

The majority of English-speaking Canadians have no idea what is happening to their country, but if anyone points out the way it is run, they will wrap themselves in the flag, and pretend that everything is hunky dory in Canada, just as long as they have a six-pack of beer and a Hockey Game on the week-end. That is most of them. They are not aware that their country is fast going to hell in a hand basket.

Employment rates are getting worse each day but no one seems to give a damn about that, because they have been told that it's only a statistic! Even when reality is staring them in the face.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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Kenneth Tellis
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