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Kenneth Tellis
The news media has taken on the role of a hooker
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Aug 26, 2015 - 6:50:08 AM

Just read a newspaper or watch the news and you will come to the conclusion that we never ever get the real news where the news media is concerned, because they like prostitutes have to earn a living and it really does not matter one whit how they do it. Day after day we are given the spin and not the news. Things have gotten a lot worse as the federal election draws near. You can get a call from any party because they want your vote to get in power. So it is not really you that counts but your vote.

Most political parties are in some way or nother alligned with corporate powers who make big donations to the parties and expect special treatment from the government whom they have bought lock stock and barrel. Consider the fact that you as a citizen have absolutely no power to control government the way corporations do unsing their donations to politicians. What is really needed is a third party with people power to put the other political parties on notice; to tell them that there is new kid on the block and one that is going to change the way politics of corruption are running this country. Yes! You the citizen are going to have the power to change the status quo and bring down those in the corporations who have been secretly running the government that is supposedly elected by the citizenry. Let us as citizens put our shoulder to the wheel and work for making representative government the way to govern the country.

Just take a good look around you these days and you will see how corruption has entered every phase of government through the back door, where big money holds power. What you really have is an oligarchy, not a democratic system at all. All politicians really want for themselves is to stash away money for their golden years in some hidden off-shore account that cannot be investigated by governments around the world. While millions of ordinary citizens have to pay taxes on their meager salaries, while the rich and opulent can live in style without having to pay a cent in taxes.

So, it really is time to change the rules and bring back a true form of democracy, even if it means bringing in harsh laws to punish those guilty of avoiding taxes.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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