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Kenneth Tellis
The fats in the fire as far as David Petersen's excuse goes for harassment of Ximena Morris
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Aug 23, 2015 - 7:00:02 AM

Let us look at the career of the upstart David Petersen former Liberal premier of Ontario and his casual double speak. David as usual spoke about democracy but never believed in the practice of it. That was proven when he wanted to pass the Joual Language (French Patois) Services Act in 1978. He ordered members of the Liberal Party of Ontario not to come to the Ontario Legislature if they were going to vote against the bill. David thus violated the democratic process and acted like dictator Pierre-Elliott Trudeau, a Kebekois who in his time as Canada's Prime Minister acted like a potentate rather than a Prime Minister, and had the gall to boast about his misuse of power.

Trudeau felt that Kebek should be above Canada and that Canada should take orders from it, whereas Kebek was only a province of Canada the nation. This was the arrogance of a man who really was Franco-Amerindian but always claimed to be French. He was not, nor would he ever be, but his claim was due to his inferiority complex, which runs in the Native American Indian blood and which surges through the veins of every Kebekois. But a Kebekois cannot become French any more than a mule can become a horse.

We are now into an election campaign, which means the end of it all will usher in a government. We must keep in mind that electing the Liberal Party OF Canada means we will see complete ruination as the loyalty of Liberals is NOT to Canada, but to Kebek, which has dedicated itself to Canada's demise. The NDP under Tom Mulcair is not really different to the Liberal viewpoint and that might cause the break-up of Canada as we now know it to be.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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