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Kenneth Tellis
The deep-seated Canadian bias and ambivalence towards Americans
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Jan 8, 2016 - 5:52:45 AM

Today, I discovered a letter addressed to Patricia P. I wrote the letter a few years ago. The lady's grandfather was a Canadian Prime Minister who in the fifties was a Canadian diplomat stationed at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C. He also appears to have been a Soviet agent. His hatred and biased thinking was quite evident.

A Canadian newspaper published article an article this lady wrote entitled: "Why let Americans take our measure?" To me it was obvious that she worshipped her grandfather and I read her article as her way of defending the indefensible.

I, on occasion do criticize the U.S., but I do draw the line between truth and prejudice, and I will not allow myself the luxury of being biased. I do proper research to make sure that I have the all the facts before me before putting pen to paper.

One thing that annoyed me about the Nazis and the Soviets was their blind nationalism tied into every corner of their mindset. (We saw the same undercurrent of nationalism tied up with a huge dose of emotion in the last federal election here in Canada.) Patricia's article had all those failings.

What drew me into her article was the fact that she had mixed her emotions with deep-dyed nationalism. She came out with the theory that only if you denied being a Canadian you would succeed in AMERICA. I for one do not believe that to be true because if it were so then John James Audobon of Haiti, Israel Baline (Irving Berlin) of Russia, Samuel Ichi Hayakawa of Canada, and Thomas Paine of England would not be the successes that they were if the U.S.A. was so insular.

If she really had the gumption she would have succeeded as there was very little to complain about in that field. Those were the real reasons why she returned to Canada, but it was really based on her personal dislike for America, but it was not in any way related to the American prejudice that she alluded to, and thus her decision was of her own making something for which she cannot hold Americans responsible for, which really means, that she never grew up. Of course she had to find a valid excuse for her own failures, and the Americans fitted the bill.

I may not personally find fault with Americans, but I dare say that do have some, after all they are human too.


Kenneth T. Tellis

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