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Last Updated: Dec 31, 2015 - 6:16:01 AM 

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Kenneth Tellis

The brainwashing and control of Canada by the Kebekois Catholic Church
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Dec 31, 2015 - 6:13:17 AM

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Most people in Canada have no idea how the Franco-Amerindian minority mainly from Kebek have been able to take control from the English-speaking majority who are not Catholics.

We have to first understand how all this happened. It began in a very small way, as the kings of France were in bed with the Jesuits (Black Robes) who were sent to North America to convert all the Native Americans to Catholicism. It was the first step in making North America a Catholic stronghold. Like the Taliban/ ISIS of today, there was a grand plan afoot.

The sole purpose in the early years of French colonization was to make the whole of North America a bastion of Catholicism, and use these converted Native Americans as a military force to attack enslave and destroy Britain's New England colonies, which were not guarded by British or American colonial militias, and were thus open to forays by these Catholicized Jihadist Natives.

For the French regime in New France, there was open season on the New England settlements for a very long time, and the families that settled and built up small settlements lost many of their relatives who were either, murdered, raped or enslaved and were sold at the Slave Market in Montreal, New France.

As this was happening, the British government did not pay any heed to the suffering of the New England colonists, till the fall of Fort William Henry and Fort Oswego, wherein the rape, enslavement and murder permitted by the Marquis de Montcalm got them very angry and they finally decided that something had to be done.

The building of British forces began under British Prime Minister William Pitt, who began the great drive to defeat and oust the French plan to build totally Catholic French North American Empire. The British began their plan by isolating the French forts and laying siege to them, and forcing their surrender. By the time Major-General landed at-Ansa-au-Fulon in 1759, the final assault for the Citadel of Kobe was still being planned. But its execution was very stressful, as the British had no idea of what it would entail to make the capture. Information garnered by Captain Robert Stobo of the Virginia Regiment, who had been held a hostage by the French for five years after Colonel George Washington was forced to surrender Fort Necessity, Pennsylvania, on July 1st, 1754, turned out invaluable. It was the key to the capture of Kebek City on September 17, 1759.

The Surrender of New France by the French governor Vaudreuil on September 8, 1760 to British Major-General Jeffry Amherst was the last straw, and ended the imperial dreams of France once and for all. But, below that was the new approach to be taken by the Roman Catholic Church. It was going to wage a secret war, while pretending to be a religious organization.

This secret war was fought, without the British ever being aware of it. When the rebellion of 1837 began in Lower Canada, the church was totally behind it. What we are now seeing happen in CANADA, is the long term result of a plan laid down by the Roman Catholic Church in 1760.

The BIG lie that is being voiced by the Kebekois is that CANADA belongs to them. It is nothing short of a fairy tale. The CATHOLIC CHURCH and prelates like Canon Lionel-Adolphe Groulx wrote about history the way they wanted it to be. It was nowhere near the truth. After the surrender of 1760, the Habitant requested the British to permit them to stay in the British Colony of Kebek, and took an oath of Loyalty to His Britannic Majesty King George III, of Great Britain. Which means that they were really LIVING under sufferance and not the owners of that Colony.

The Kebekois as a people have the audacity to lay claim to something that they do not own.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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Kenneth Tellis
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