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Kenneth Tellis
The Blame Game against Stephen Harper has gone too far, and this stupidity must stop
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Sep 5, 2015 - 12:08:04 AM

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is being blamed for something that he is not responsible for, and the finger pointing must stop immediately.

If the Syrian refugees and others in the Middle East cannot get any help from the deep pocketed countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait and the Arab Sheikhdoms of the Persian Gulf, all of whom have money to spare, then the blame lies solely on them, because the people requesting aid from Canada are all Muslim Refugees and there should be no bar on Muslims helping Muslims.

Canada cannot spend money that it does not possess to help Syrian or other refugees from Middle Eastern countries. Such action is the purview of nations in the Middle East. Laying the blame on Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper does not help anyone, even those who make such false accusations, including the leftist leaning Canadian news media.

Those leaders and members of left leaning Canadian political parties should find better things to do than blaming Stephen Harper for what is happening in the Middle East, by making intelligent statements instead of using blatant false propaganda against the Conservative Government of Stephen Harper. For those in the opposition parties, please put away your Bull-Horns and look for solutions and not waste any more valuable.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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