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Kenneth Tellis
Terms that are meaningless today
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Jun 7, 2015 - 3:22:43 AM

As history passes on, the time comes to remove useless terms that are meaningless today.

In the early days of French settlement in North America and the foundation of New France began, there was a way for people to claim being French by word DE SOUCHE, or old stock being only of French background. After this came the term PURE LAINE, pure wool or true blue, of dyed in the wool, as opposed to those who were born in New France and those whose backgrounds were of mixed origins.

To better understand this, one has to see the reasoning behind this wordage. Since the French did not want the lower or menial class to obtain upper class positions in the colonial administration and trading ventures. This of course brings to mind how Pierre de Rigaud de Cavagnial, Marquis de Vaudreuil the very last governor of New France was born in New France into a French family who had come to New France. Thus, he Vaudreuil was really considered French and returned to France after he surrendered New France to Major-General Jeffrey Amherst of the British Army at Montreal, New France on September 8, 1760.

Long after the French ceded all of New France to Great Britain in 1760, there came many people of mixed origins that wanted to claim being French, and started calling themselves DE SOUCHE and PURE LAINE to make themselves feel like the former aristocracy of New France, except that this was a Fairy Tale created by the Roman Catholic Church in the British colony of Kebek and was similar to the claims of various people in the U.S. who claimed that their ancestors came over to America on the Mayflower, which arrived at Plimouth (Plymouth) in November 1620.

Today, we have millions of Franco-Amerindians calling themselves French, for raising their status, the likes of the Trudeau's, the Parizeau's, the Peladeau's, the Landry's, the Jacques, and countless other people in Kebek, who haven't a clue as to their real background, make such ridiculous claims to hide their true Amerindian identity in MYTH'S created by their communities or the Kebekois Catholic Church. But, that myth will soon come undone and the facts will be established as to their real identity. To put it brutally, even OQLF is a Joke, because the language of the Metis people of Kebek who style themselves as Kebekois is really JOUAL (French patois) not FRENCH as all. Such are the dreams of a people lost in time and space, without any identity to call their own.

"Je me souviens"

Kenneth T. Tellis

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