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Kenneth Tellis
Removal of special programmes required to create equality in Canada
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Aug 11, 2015 - 7:09:55 PM

The removal of some special programmes is required in Canada to bring about equality for all.

While Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has raised some very good points with regard to federal transfer payments, it is not enough to just right the past wrongs that were added to the Canadian Constitution in 1982, by one Pierre-Elliott Trudeau, the Kebekois Prime Minister of Canada. So, it must be understood that Kebek will not get preferential treatment at the expense of all the other provinces of Canada.

Let us begin with the removal of Pierre-Elliott Trudeau's NATIONAL ENERGY PROGRAMME, which made Western Canada contribute to the federal coffers. Why did the National Energy Programme only force the Western Provinces to give money to the federal government when Kebek was not being taxed on its Hydro-Electric Energy that it sold to the U.S.? Surely there is no apparent reason for Kebek not to pay its fair share on Hydro-Electric Power just as the Western Provinces were made to pay on OIL and Gas. For there to be any form of equity, all provinces must contribute to a common bank or treasury on their resources, and it must not only apply to Western Canada alone.

If Kebek which was sponging on Newfoundland & Labrador, and got cheap power, then it was Newfoundland & Labrador that was being exploited by Kebek, that must now be changed. If Kebek does not like the changes to the rules, then it has an option, leave Canada, or stay and follow the rules as provinces do. No more threats of Separation will be tolerated, and neither will bribery be offered to placate Kebek.

I think that premier Danny Williams of Newfoundland & Labrador already pointed out Kebek's exploitation of Canada. Newfoundland & Labrador was exploited to the fullest degree by Kebek in the past. So, the writing is on the wall for Kebek to see very clearly. If Kebek so chooses it can leave the federation and go it alone without any advantages. That is the bottom line. The Trudeau era of National Manipulation to grant Kebek all sorts of goodies, in language and other areas is now over. There will no longer be any special treatment for Kebek.

"Je me souviens!"

Kenneth T. Tellis

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