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Kenneth Tellis
Ontario's mindless liberal leader talks like a raving lunatic
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Aug 10, 2015 - 12:45:11 AM

Just imagine a History Major Failure becoming the premier of Canada's largest industrial heartland; a person who has absolutely no idea about fiscal accountability and who assumes that she can spend money as if it were running out of style. During her term as premier, Ontario has gone down the drain economically and yet her spendthrift ways have not altered one bit because she has absolutely no experience in running a government which is accountable to its citizens, and she does not know where the tax dollars are coming from for her next budget. But that is to be expected since the Liberal Party of Ontario is not any different to the Communist Party.

This Liberal Party government of Ontario is of the opinion that money grows on trees and all that they have to do is shake the tree till the money falls.

She launched an attack on Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper for not cooperating with her in her Hare- brained Ontario Pension Plan scheme which would give her the power to exploit the people of Ontario by empowering her to dip into their savings. The people of Ontario are lucky that Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not letting her have her way in putting forward her scam to get her hands on their money.

Thus it is now time for the electorate of Ontario to boot out these useless inexperienced people and replace them and their party with a party and a government that is accountable to the citizens of Ontario.

The economy of Ontario is in deep trouble because the Liberal government has been spending money freely without any thought as to where it comes from. In times of economic distress people and governments have to tighten their belts, but not so for present day Liberal Government of Ontario. It hasn't a clue about budgeting and is thus inept. The Liberal government's PIPE DREAM of creating a welfare state in Ontario has run out of Opium to continue on and must be removed as early as possible for the survival of Ontario - the heartland of Canada.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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