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Kenneth Tellis
Oil and Water do not Mix
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Aug 30, 2015 - 5:00:03 AM

Oil and Water do not mix any more than Franco-Amerindians and British settlers

Canada is in the sorry state it is today because the Franco-Amerindian cannot leave behind their Native American roots.

Just hearken back to the days when Jacques Cartier made his voyage of discovery, but never gave any thought to how France was ever going to develop the new found territory. To the French monarchs it was only a cash-cow to build all those beautiful luxurious palaces from the FUR TRADE in New France and other areas of North America. There was never any intent to colonize by bringing in immigrants from France, but only the building of forts for trade with the native peoples; mainly for FURs and naught else.

The SUN King Louis XIV and the Catholic Church of France under the Cardinal Chief Ministers even came up with the idea of miscegenation to raise the population which was much smaller than Britain's New England colonies. But, miscegenation was an abysmal failure as the Franco-Amerindians never had any trades by which to develop New France. Thus the Franco-Amerindians were just the menials in New France; working for French masters who governed the territory.

Just take a good look at how Britain's New England colonies developed and you will see how British colonists made use of all their trades in building small villages, hamlets, towns and cities wherever the settled. They did not waste their valuable time on raiding and destroying farms. Meanwhile the Franco-Amerindians were raiding the New England settlements which British settlers had built, and took their children and women folk slaves to sell in Slave Market in Montreal, New France. So therein lies the real difference between the thinking processes of the British and the French. The French only wanted FURS, while the British wanted to build settlements and enlarge their trading options with the Native peoples.

If you really consider Canada's decline you will note that it commenced in the era of Pierre-Elliott Trudeau. You will quickly come to the conclusion that the decline began after Trudeau took power on April 17, 1968. That is when the decline of Canada really began in earnest, yet no one dared speak about it for fear that they would be punished by those in absolute power.

People should now think about the re-birth of Canada in the near future without the province of Kobe, because Kobe is really the cause of Canada's decline. Like it or not the writing has been on the wall for a long time.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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