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Kenneth Tellis
Montreal City or Garbage Dump?
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Oct 5, 2015 - 10:47:40 PM

I find it hard to believe the recent story on Montreal Garbage being dumped into the St. Lawrence River. This policy of dumping refuse and waste from chemical plants, and effluents from refineries into the St. Lawrence River has been going on for ages, and somehow no one ever mentioned it before?

In the era of Jean Drapeau Mayor of Montreal this was his idea of sanitation for his city as it meant saving on the costs of paying for water treatment plants. The short cut to any situation is the standard Kebekois approach to avoiding every reality. Of course, the money Montreal saves from not having to pay for something goes straight into the pockets of the higher ups running the City, which on any day come summer or autumn looks and smells very much like an open sewer.

Now that the situation is getting worse we can expect Montreal to make demands of the Federal Government of Canada to fund the building of water Treatment Plants, but only as long as only those maudit anglais from English-speaking Canada have to make the payments for it. As it is, the BIG OWE (Stade Olympique) is already being paid for by English-speaking Canada. But if those demands are not met, there will be more threats of separation made in order to get Ottawa to act immediately.

We can see quite clearly how Kebek, a single province calls the shots at every twist and turn. And if fully understood, it is a question of the TAIL wagging the DOG. This on-going threat has to be removed, by putting Kebek on notice that it has to be fiscally responsible for its own infrastructure, and not dependent on other provinces or the Federal Government to pay its bills.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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