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Kenneth Tellis
Letter to the Prime Minister July 22,2015
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Jul 22, 2015 - 12:35:15 PM

Honorable Stephen Harper
Office of the Prime Minister,
80 Wellington Street,
Ottawa, ON K1A 0A2
July 22, 2015

Dear Mr. Prime Minister,

I really am appalled by the way the premiers of Canada's province handle out taxes, without a care as to where the money came from. In Ontario we have a spendthrift Liberal government, run by a History Major FAILURE who has absolutely no idea about fiscal restraints whatsoever, and is under the impression that money grows on trees. And every time one sees this self-aggrandizement by Wynne on to, promoting herself as an example to follow, the people of Ontario are being takin for a ride in her self-promotion and how much it costs them, when that money could well be used to help alleviate the shortages in the various programmes that need funding to ease the load that she has put on their backs.

Why does Ontario need to bid for the games and glitch, when there has been a rampant misuse of Taxpayers money? Ontarians cannot afford the present rate of spending because it is almost bankrupt to the point of insolvency, besides the prime rate dropping on an international level. The people of Ontario just cannot afford to have a government that spends money like it is running out of style. It is now time for a BIG CHANGE for Ontarians, so that things will get better. Ontario's unemployment rate keeps getting bigger and bigger, with no thoughts from the Wynne regime that now holds office in Queen's Park, so it quite necessary that change come soon, if there is to be any Ontario tomorrow.

Now on to the point of how far this country can absorb new immigrants, when the unemployment level is so high? First of all we must get the unemployment under control, before we permit any more a someone who can have pride in what they immigrants into Canada. This country cannot live on taxes of the future, but, cut costs before getting deeper in debt. Because getting deeper in debt means putting at risk the lives of generations not yet born. Now, is the time to take measures and adopt limited spending, instead of limitless spending and national bankruptcy tomorrow? Because tomorrow will surely come, just as the sun rises.

Now on to the matter of unemployment. There too many in our society that would rather be idle than do a spot of work. That attitude has got to change. People on unemployment must be made to do some work for their upkeep. They must never live under the delusion that tomorrow never comes. They should be made to take courses and learn new trades if our society is ever going to advance into the future. Make everyone take pride in their contribution to society, that way, the future will have some meaning to everyone who lives in Canada.

Mr. Prime Minister, I close this letter as a fellow Conservative, hoping that within its contents, there will be found some of the solutions that this country needs right now!

I am Sir,

Very respectfully yours,

Kenneth T. Tellis

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