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Kenneth Tellis
It's time for a reality check by the Franco-Amerindian Kebekois people
By Kenneth T. Tellis
May 29, 2015 - 7:07:35 PM

Just recently the Kebek Maple Syrup Producers got a black eye from a court in New Brunswick, because a Kebek Court injunction was declared to have no legal standing in the province of New Brunswick. One Etienne St-Pierre of SK Export Inc. of Kedgwick, New Brunswick alleged that Kebek Maple Syrup Producers had been trying to put him out of business, by blocking his ability to buy Maple Syrup in bulk from Kebek.

A New Brunswick Court of Appeal ruled that the Court Injunction issued in Kebek against Etienne St-Pierre, had no legal standing in New Brunswick.

While the Kebek Agricultural Marketing Board regulates producers in Kebek, it had no jurisdiction to lay down its laws in other provinces. While the Kebekois Federation might advertise their product as PURE Canadian MAPLE SYRUP in the United States, it does not advertise the MAPLE SYRUP of other Canadian Provinces. So, the Appeal Court in New Brunswick has now cut off Kebek's right to foist its court decisions onto other provinces of Canada.

During the Trudeau years, Kebek used it edge to foist its own court decisions on other English-Speaking Provinces of Canada, and were supported in this illegal manoeuvre by the Trudeau regime, but that is now water under the bridge. My how the times have changed, and Kebek is now being emasculated to the point that no decision made in Kebek will have validity anywhere else in Canada.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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