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Last Updated: Dec 22, 2013 - 5:08:33 AM 

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Kenneth Tellis

English-speaking Canadian Taxpayers paying Kebec ransom
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Dec 22, 2013 - 5:00:22 AM

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The more I see how large the transfer payments made by the federal government of Canada to Kebec are, in relation to the rest of Canada's English-speaking provinces, the more I realize that they are NOT really transfer payments at all, but a ransom paid by the rest of Canada on a yearly basis to keep Kebec in the Canadian Confederation.

It would seem to me that the Harper Conservative Government hasn't the backbone to put Kebec to the test, and see whether it will leave Canada by their own volition, minus all the perks that it is now receiving as part of Canada. So, all the Harper regime is now doing is delaying the inevitable, hoping that it will never come to the point of departure. So, the billions that the Harper regime is now giving Kebec each year is really a pay-off to salve Kebecois pride and make Canadian unity possible. But when will this method of keeping unity by paying a yearly ransom stop?

If we breakdown the billions of dollars in transfer payments made to Kebec, it is easy to see that the rest of Canada is being short-changed and held back by lack of funding.

This special treatment for Kebec has to be stopped, or there will come a time when other provinces will be disgruntled enough to seek outright separation from Canada and go their own to form a new NATION. The sword will have to be put to the throat of the federal government to rectify the present situation or face the break-up of Canada in the very near future. That choice must now be given to the Harper regime in Ottawa, to act immediately or face an uncertain future.

Now is not the time for English-speaking provinces to stand idly by and accept the situation. They must strike while the iron is hot, for the die is now cast and tomorrow may be too late for Canada!

Kenneth T. Tellis

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Kenneth Tellis
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