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Kenneth Tellis
Death of the Ethnocentric Bigot Jacques Parizeau, but will his PIPE DREAM Continue?
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Jun 4, 2015 - 5:28:33 AM

Yesterday a man who hated Canada finally died. That man Jacques Parizeau, was a product of one of Kebek's oldest Catholic institutions of brainwashing, run by Jesuits who were dedicated to continue the French and Indian Wars of 1756 -1763, which ended in the surrender of New France on September 8, 1760 that brought an end to their dream of a French Catholic Empire in North America.

Most of Kebek's upper crust society sent their children to this elitist brainwashing Institution, and from it came others like Pierre-Elliott Trudeau and a host of present day separatist elites that have all failed at the creation of a pseudo French state in North America, because they were never French to begin with, but Franco-Amerindians by origin, who for ages clung to the false premise that they were French. Because even France refused to recognize them as French, and false claim do not a Frenchman or Frenchwoman make.

In the 1995 referendum for Kebek sovereignty Jacques Parizeau, the Parti Kebekois lost, and a fit of temper its premier Parizeau chose to expose his inbred ethnocentricity by blaming money and the immigrant vote for his defeat. After this his could his name been mud, and he resigned in shame for his blatant racist remarks, and not having gotten his way in the referendum. The man now dead but the untold damage that he did while alive will not be repaired, till every last separatists is also dead. Many in Kebek still cling to the dream of a sovereign country, which has been an on-going nightmare and a PIPE DREAM that has finally run out of opium and will now die a natural death.

But, we have naught else to remember Parizeau by, but his only the fact that he was CREAT in his own opinion, and failed miserably, because behind it all, he was a typical Kebekois bigot, that did not face the reality of the time, and most of all he failed himself because of his false pride. Shall not offer any condolence for the simple reason, this man was rotten to the core, and refuse to become hypocrite by condoling his death, need I say more?.

"Je me souviens!"

Kenneth T. Tellis

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