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Kenneth Tellis
Claims to an identity not really theirs is an avoidance of reality
By Kenneth T. Tellis
Apr 22, 2015 - 8:00:40 PM

If someone visits any country in the Americas the first thing they realize is that everyone identifies with their nation and their nationality.

If one visits Mexico, Peru or Venezuela, one is immediately made aware that the people speak of themselves as Mexicans, Peruvians or Venezuelans with a certain pride. Former Mexican President Vicente Fox-Quesada for one did not call himself Irish or Spanish, but simply Mexican. And today right across the Americas there is this pride in nationality, bypassing all the various origins of people's forefathers.

But there is an exception in to that rule in Canada, by a people who are ashamed of their aboriginal background, and so make all sorts of dubious claims, without any real proof at all. I speak of the Franco-Amerindians of Ontario, Kebek, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan AND British Columbia, who keep on churning out make-believe history of themselves being FRENCH, when they have Native American bloodlines and DNA from their tribal ancestors, which cannot be removed.

I would not be a bit surprised, if people higher up in these communities were busy removing records from church registers and destroying them to hide their true identities from public view. This was the very same method used by Adolf Hitler when he had the Birth Registry Office in Branau burnt down to hide all data about his mixed origins. But the man in charge suspected that it would happen and took Adolf Hitler's birth records home. After the war, the man brought them out to for public viewing.

I had the opportunity to visit an Indian tribe in the U.S., and while I was in their Tepee, noticed that all the people in the Tepee, men and women were all fir skinned. I then asked them what tribe they were from. They replied that they were from the Oddawa's of America. I also visited the Akwesasne Reserve in New York, and many of the Mohawks were also proud of their Indian heritage, and would not deny it.

British Prime Minister SIR Winston Spencer Churchill was also proud of his Iroquois heritage as his mother British MP Jenny Jerome was of Iroquois stock. Lady Edwina Mountbatten, wife of Lord Louis Mountbatten of Burma came from the line of Pocahontas, the wife of Thomas Rolfe of the Jamestown colony, Virginia. None of the above people mentioned ever denied their American Indian origins, and were very proud of it.

Kenneth T. Tellis

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